Chicago Med Characters Ranked Based On Likability

Samuel “Sam” Abrahams (Brennan Brown) is Gaffney Chicago Medical Center’s Head of Neurosurgery, and his upfront, straight-to-the-point personality has made him hard to love yet hard to hate by patients, colleagues and viewers alike. 

Sam doesn’t have a filter and has had to criticize other peoples’ choices. However, this helps to make him more likable. Viewers at home often get a glimpse at his gentle side, which is something that his colleagues rarely see. When the doctor is interacting with his struggling patients, it is hard to not connect with his warmth.

Is he always likeable? Not really. The character’s love for Sam was put to the test when Season 7 was revealed to be a litmus test. He was believed to have been in a fatal plane accident. The character was found to be alive and well after it was revealed. “Med”Fans celebrated him, but they also pressed harder for more screentime. 

In Reddit 2021 post entitled “Am I the only one who wants Sam Abrams to be a main character?”Brennan Brown has received support from many fans. “No you are not,”One person responds. “I love it when Sam pops up outta nowhere. He totally has potential to carry the show.”

“Best. Character. Ever,”One responds. “He should have his own show. I’d watch it.” 


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