Chelsea Clinton is candid about the horrible treatment she received during her father’s presidency

According to BiographyChelsea Clinton was twelve years old when Bill Clinton became the 42nd president. It’s a challenging age, especially for a child who is part of the First Families. Some media pundits were obsessed with criticizing and critiquing the girl’s appearances. Chelsea said “The View” (via People), that the self-appointed young girl appearance police comprised “all sorts of largely older white men.”That’s not at all creepy!

“Rush Limbaugh was nasty, the most infamous but not the only,”Chelsea agreed. The mother-of-three said that she had never taken the criticism seriously. She credits her upbringing for having self-respect, and a positive body image. “These older men pontificating about how a 12-year-old looks is weird, at best, and really disgusting and cruel and creepy,”She pointed out that, in fact, it was “about them”And not her.

Chelsea is a fan Honey badger, though; she don’t care, and she’s pretty bada**. She retains her positive self image, poise, and sense humor. She made an appearance at “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,”Chelsea acknowledged that the scrutiny continues today. She referred to an article that morning criticizing her. “wearing the same shoes a lot.”Chelsea laughed it off and said that if you can find shoes that are designed for walking, that is what you do.


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