Chance the Rapper tells a short story in “A Bar About a bar”

Chance the Rapper shares his short story “A Bar About a Bar.”The video is self-directed and features Vic Mensa (a Chicago rapper) and Nikko Washington (a Chicago-based artist).

The clip shows Chance and Mensa working together on a writing exercise. Mensa questions, “What you got?”Chance opens the first verse with, “I got a bar about a bar/It’s not a joke, it’s just a bar”He tells the tale, which takes him to a bar. Washington continues to paint in the background, inspired and inspired by his story. The video teases Joey Bada$$’s upcoming collaboration called “The Highs and the Lows”; they’re seen on a boat.

Washington created the single’s artwork, which is on display this week through Sunday at the Art Institute of Chicago. According to a release the artwork was inspired in part by “Abar, the First Black Superman’s unorthodox, Afro-futuristic, and surrealist depiction of racial inequality, racial integration, and classism in the suburbs of white America.”

The new video’s concept has a similar “interdisciplinary art piece”Approach Chance used for “Child of God”Moses Sumney. The song included the work of Gabonese visual artist Naïla Opiangah. The clip follows Chance and Mensa’s recent team-up for “Wraith (Writing Exercise #3).”


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