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MIRAI Nagasu broke down after being nominated for eviction on Celebrity Big Brother, leading housemate Chris Kattan to comfort her.

“I don’t know if I’m her pawn, or her actual target,” Mirai confessed, referring to Head of Household Miesha Tate.

“And I know I’m okay, but…” Mirai trailed off.

Chris Kattan hugged her, and said “but you don’t have to be okay,” before the pair returned to the common area to find out about the veto power challenge.

Teddi Mellencamp, Cynthia Bailey, Todd Bridges, Todrick Hall, Chris Kattan, Chris Kirkpatrick, Carson Kressley, Shanna Moakler, Mirai Aileen Nagasu, Lamar Odom, and Miesha Tate were seen moving into the house on February 2, 2022.

The 11 cast members of Celebrity Big Brother face two eviction nominations by current Head of Household Miesha: Mirai and Carson are both on the chopping block.

There will be 15 episodes in this season before the finale on February 23. The show airs on CBS and is also available for streaming on Paramount+.

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  • After-vote discussion 

    After Teddi broke down the events with Julie outside the house, the cameras kept rolling inside the chalet.

    They picked up the sound of Shanna Moakler, speaking to her housemates and wiping away the stream of tears that began as soon as Teddi left the house.

    After Teddi was nominated for elimination in place of Carson Kressley, she lost the eviction to Todd in a 5 to 3 vote.

    Still, she told her fellow houseguests, “Teddi knew” she would be eliminated.

    Shanna insisted to the remaining houseguests, repeating “Teddi knew.”

    “But it wouldn’t have mattered, you would’ve voted her out,” Shanna said.

  • Teddi tells all

    Sitting down with Julie Chen Moonves, Teddi talked about her elimination and the most unexpected betrayals.

    “I’m trying to find the positive in this, and I am honored that I’m a big enough threat that they had to get me out first,” she told Julie.

    “Ultimately I feel most betrayed by Todrick, because he was originally in my alliance, holding my hand at night,” Teddi said, but she also suspected Todrick would vote against her at the end.

    He did, but he wasn’t the most shocking betrayal.

    “Shanna voted me out?” Teddi said in shock. “She did me dirty.”

    “Shanna was having a day where she was really worried she was going to go home, and she told me she went up and cried to Miesha,” Teddi explained.

    Teddi said she suspected Shanna “made a deal to get me out of there.”

    Teddi also said she was grateful for the relationships she formed in the house and hoped to have lifelong friends from the game.

  • Teddi’s tense goodbye

    By a vote of 5 to 3, Teddi Mellencamp was the first to be evicted from the house.

    Teddi barely spoke while she hugged each of her castmates in turn, whispering “goodbye” and fighting off tears.

    “Have fun with the dishes,” were her parting words to the household members.

    Shanna broke down in tears as Teddi left the house and her portrait on the Memory Wall shifted to black and white.

    Cynthia hugged Miesha, who expressed regret about turning against Teddi.

  • Houseguests cast their eviction votes

    In the final chapter of the episode, the houseguests were asked to vote to evict either Teddi or Todd.

    Lamar, the first to enter the diary room, voted to evict Teddi.

    Chris Kattan voted to send Todd home.

    Todrick, Chris Kirkpatrick, Mirai and Shanna voted to send Teddi home.

    Cynthia, Carson, voted to eliminate Todd.

    Miesha, the Head of Household, only votes in case of a tie.

  • Teddi and Todd plead their cases

    Prior to eviction, Todd and Teddi were able to justify their reasons to remain in the house.

    “Do what you gotta do, that’s all I’m gonna say,” Todd said.

    “I also have played a straightforward game. I never once have pretended I don’t want to be here,” Teddi said.

    She said that she hoped the other players would not “backdoor” her, because it’s “the worst way to go out.”

  • Who was nominated for eviction?

    Prior to the eviction elimination, Julie Chen Moonves revealed that the “Mon Won” logo was really a “Nom Now” command, and the houseguests would have to choose a new eviction nominee to replace Teddi or Mirai.

    In the tense nomination session, Todd was newly nominated for eviction by the group.

    Cynthia passed the hat to Shanna, who chose to save Chris Kirkpatrick.

    The NSYNC singer handed safety to Todrick, who saved Chris Kattan.

    Chris Kattan was faced with the difficult choice between Lamar and Todd.

    He chose to give safety to Lamar, but Todd got to choose who to remove from the block.

    Mirai was spared, this week, from eviction.

    And now, it’s Todd against Teddi.

  • The curse of Mon Won revealed

    In a shocking twist during the live portion of the show, the “curse” of Mon Won’s hat was revealed.

    Julie Chen Moonves explained what happens when the accessory goes “out of fashion.”

    Cynthia was summoned to the front of the room.

    The logo on the hat, “Mon Won,” was secured with Velcro, and turning it upside down revealed the words “Nom Now.”

    In the eleventh hour, the curse will force the houseguests to pass the hat from one person to another, and the last person to receive it will be an automatic nominee who will replace Mirai or Teddi on the block.

  • Formation calls emergency meeting

    Teddi went to Carson and Cynthia to campaign for her safety.

    “I just wanted to make it one more week,” Teddi told Carson.

    Carson and Cynthia helped her quickly calculate who she might need to win over to stay.

    She went to Todd, Lamar and Chris Kattan to ask for mercy.

    “It makes sense that you’d be emotional,” Chris Kattan said.

  • What is the Mon Won hat?

    The Mon Won hat is a combo hat/bag that protects the wearer from eviction.

    However, it also has a “curse” attached to it, which will be revealed during the elimination vote.

    Currently, Cynthia, who won the Gala Gift, is wearing the hat and is safe from eviction.

  • Who was nominated in Carson’s place?

    Instead of Carson, Miesha named Teddi as her new eviction nominee.

    “I should be walking on cloud nine, preferably in a pair of Tom Ford shoes that I found at an outlet mall for $7,” Carson confessed.

    “But one of our alliance members is on the block.”

    “I’m still on the block, and am I surprised at who’s sitting with me? Absolutely,” Mirai said.

    “Excuse me while I remove the knife from my back,” Teddi griped.

  • Carson saves himself in veto meeting

    Carson waltzed into the common area wearing his golden veto necklace.

    “Oh hi! Who’d like to have a veto meeting,” Carson said.

    Predictably, Carson used the power of the veto to save himself.

  • Teddi breaks down: ‘I trusted you’

    Miesha pulled Teddi aside to explain that she may put Teddi up for elimination.

    “I need you to know that this is something I’m considering,” Miesha said.

    Teddi pleaded Miesha to let her stay, breaking down in tears.

    “I trusted you,” Teddi said.

    “I can promise you with 100% honestly, I will not put you up,” she pleaded.

    “But if you did,” Miesha interjected, “I would understand.”

    “I hope you’ll consider,” Teddi implored, “but I know it’s whatever you want to do.”

  • Todrick suggests Teddi as replacement nominee

    Todrick pulled Miesha aside and suggested she take down Carson by replacing him on the chopping block with one of his closest allies.

    “If we put Teddi up, there’s no way she’s not going home,” Todrick said.

    “Do you see how close they are?” he asked, referring to Carson and Teddi.

    “If you don’t take down Teddi, the ball’s in their court,” Todrick warned.

    “Never in a million years would I have imagined I’d be in this position,” Miesha said.

  • Mirai tries to bargain with Miesha

    Mirai went to Miesha to try and broker a deal for the next week of competition.

    Mirai tried to argue that if she stayed, and became Head of Household, she would not nominate Miesha for eviction.

    “If you win HOH, then I need you to ask you to try and make your target Carson,” she told Mirai.

    “It’s the Carsons who win this game,” Miesha continued.

    It’s a long-term strategy, Miesha said, but it would secure loyalty from Mirai.

    “If I can resurrect her from the dead, then I’m pretty much guaranteeing her loyalty,” Miesha confessed.

  • Who won the power of veto?

    Carson scored the golden power of veto in the season’s first veto challenge.

    The winning contestant finished in a striking 3 minutes, 54 seconds. 

    “Guess who won the golden power of veto?” he asked. “Little ol’ me!”

    The slowest contestant, Lamar, finished with a time of 30 minutes, running out of time.

  • Mirai breaks down before veto challenge

    Mirai Nagasu broke down after being nominated for eviction on Celebrity Big Brother, leading housemate Chris Kattan to comfort her.

    “I don’t know if I’m her pawn, or her actual target,” Mirai confessed, referring to Head of Household Miesha Tate.

    “And I know I’m okay, but…” Mirai trailed off.

    Chris Kattan hugged her, and said “but you don’t have to be okay,” before the pair returned to the common area to find out about the veto power challenge.

  • Will Miesha’s mistake cost her?

    Miesha made an error in the “scheduling” during the veto challenge, leading to a blaring horn when she first tried to lock in her schedule.

    “My assistant in this game is a hot mess,” Miesha said.

    After she made the error, the virtual assistant gave Miesha a clue for something she’d already gotten correct.

    “Honey, you are fired,” Miesha quipped.

  • What is the veto competition?

    In the backyard, the Celebrity Big Brother team built an alpine wonderland, meant to look like a faux Swiss village.

    In the challenge, the houseguests had to scroll through a series of fake “texts” from their personal assistant on a screen, playing a logic game to put together a schedule from the disjointed information.

    The contestant who gets the scheduled stops in the correct order the fastest will win the “golden power of veto.”

  • Miesha details her plans against Mirai

    Miesha spoke to Todrick and Cynthia privately to explain the methodology behind her eviction nominations.

    “Everyone loves Carson,” Miesha explained, and she was banking on the others in the house to send Mirai home just because they prefer Carson. 

    “I want to secure that Mirai goes home,” Miesha told Cynthia and Todrick.

  • Mirai: ‘I’ve got demons too’

    As the episode kicked off, Mirai said she questions Miesha’s motives.

    “I don’t know if I’m her pawn, or her actual target,” Mirai confessed.

    “Sometimes you just have to smile but inside, I’m crying and screaming. I might look cute but I’ve got demons inside me too.”

  • Previously, on Celebrity Big Brother…

    Last night, Head of Household Miesha nominated two residents for eviction: Mirai and Carson.

    Todrick joined no fewer than three alliances, though one of those partnerships, with NSYNC’s Chris Kirkpatrick, was absorbed into a standing alliance.

    And Cynthia Bailey earned immunity from eviction with a Gala Gift challenge.

  • Who is in Season 3 of Celebrity Big Brother?

    The stars of CBB season three include:

  • How much are CBB contestants paid?

    Viewers who tune in to Celebrity Big Brother are curious to know whether the big names equals big bucks.

    TMZ revealed each famous participant is paid $100,000 for appearing on the show.

    Besides the standard pay, the winning contestant takes home the grand prize of $250,000.

  • Fans think Khloe will return to Lamar

    Khloe Kardashian’s fans claimed that the reality star dropped a hint that she reportedly might get back with Lamar Odom after her split from cheating Tristan Thompson.

    A Redditor claimed Khloe, 37, had liked a snapshot from a fan page.

    In the alleged snap, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians alum posed with Lamar, 42, as she wore her wedding dress.

    Kim, 41, and Kourtney, 42, were also in the pic as they shared a smile with their sister.

  • John Mellencamp wishes Teddi luck

    The American rockstar posted a sweet joke Wednesday to wish his 40-year-old daughter success on the show in an Instagram post.

    “A television show that Teddi is on premieres tonight,” John, 70, wrote. “I don’t know what she’s doing, but I’m proud of her and hope she achieves her goals.”


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