CCTV footage shows moment Snapchat ‘dates’ are lured by a teenager and stabbed to death.

After being lured to Snapchat messages, the teenager thought he was meeting up with a girl. However, when he arrived at his destination, he was attacked.

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Moment teenager is attacked thinking he was meeting a girl for a date

This is the frightening moment when a teenager, who thought he was on a first date with a girl, was instead stabbed in the back. “vicious” revenge attack.

After being lured by Snapchat messages he thought were from an attractive girl, the 17-year-old boy was attacked in February 2017. Bristol Live reports.

When he arrived at Fishponds in Bristol, he was attacked nine times with a knife and then left for dead by two 16-year olds. “revenge” attack.

Two teenagers aged 17 and 17, were sentenced Friday to youth custody at Bristol Crown Court.

The terrifying moment that the teen was attacked is captured in CCTV footage taken on the night of it

A 16-year old male stabbed the victim. He pleaded guilty to grievous bodily injury before a November trial. Jurors found a female guilty of the same offense. BristolLive reported.

During her trial the jury was told that the victim belonged to a rival group in Bristol. He was lured to Ridgeway Road on the night of the attack.

The male received a sentence of four years and the female, three years.

The boy had been a victim to a Snapchat honey trap, according to the court.

Judge Michael Longman described this attack as “co-ordinated”It was done with the intent of inflicting very serious injuries.

Detective Inspector Roger Doxsey said: “This was a vicious and calculated attack on a then 17-year-old boy. He was chased relentlessly and stabbed nine times before being taken to his death.

“Described in court as a ‘Snapchat honey trap’A female lured the victim to Fishponds under the pretense of having a date. He was then attacked by a group of men with knives.

The victim has made steady progress and is now able to testify in court

“After the attack the male offender sent a ‘mic drop emoji’ with his face on via Snapchat to the female offender. His emoji meant ‘job done’ and shows the true intent behind the crime.

“The victim was in intensive care but has thankfully made a steady recovery from his multiple injuries. He bravely gave evidence and we are grateful for his and his family’s support.”


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