CBS Adds Another Law Enforcement Show to Its Roster

A new law enforcement procedural is in development, with plans to join its genre brethren on CBS. According to a report by Deadline, the series will be called Five Point, and will be the first show of its kind to center around the U.S. Marshal’s Office. The series is being co-written by genre veteran Craig Turk and Ryan Hooper.

Five Point will reportedly start with a legendary U.S. Marshal going missing under mysterious circumstances. The majority of the show will then follow the team trying to find him, led by his daughter who steps up to become the head of an elite team in his absence. They will reportedly oversee some of “the toughest law-enforcement assignments across the country.” Details on the development process and the possibility of a premiere date are still unclear.

Turk is best known for co-creating FBI with Dick Wolf, and now he is bringing those skills and that credit with him to a whole new project. He will serve as executive producer on Five Point, while Hooper will be co-executive producer. Turk was originally the showrunner for FBI, which has since branched off into a franchise all its own on CBS. He was also an executive producer on The Good Wife, and more recently wrote and produced the documentary 26th Street Garage, which is about the FBI’s response to 9/11. It is streaming now on Paramount+, where Turk is reportedly developing more projects as well.

Meanwhile, Hooper optioned two feature-length scripts this year, and he is considered a rising star in the industry. For now, he and Turk are the only names attached to Five Point. The show has not been cast, and it’s not clear how long it might be before it even starts filming.

The U.S. Marshals Services (USMS) is a major part of the country’s federal law enforcement, though it remains relatively untapped by the thriving police procedural drama. The bureau falls under the U.S. Department of Justice and is directed by the Attorney General. It serves specifically to enforce the operations of the U.S. federal courts.

The USMS is the oldest federal law enforcement agency in the country, created in 1789 during George Washington’s presidency. However, the bureau was heavily overhauled in 1969, which is how it took its current form and function. These days, marshals typically spend their time protecting judges and judicial personnel, managing criminal assets and administering fugitive operations. They also operate the U.S. Federal Witness Protection Program and the Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System, and they serve federal arrest warrants.

Five Point is in development now but there is no word on when we might see it on screen. In the meantime, FBI airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.


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