Catalytic converter thieves crash into LASD deputy’s vehicle responding to unrelated call

Three suspected catalytic converter thieves evaded Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies during a high-speed chase up to the Santa Clarita Valley early Saturday morning, but were brought into custody after they crashed into a deputy involved in an unrelated pursuit.

They were captured on security cameras targeting homes at night and stealing catalytic convertors. The homeowner refused to identify himself but stated that four men, including two lookout drivers, were involved in the theft.

Sheriff’s deputies eventually located a minivan believed to be connected to the catalytic converter thefts that was driving on the 5 Freeway in Valencia. Police pursued the driver, but they were stopped when he drove at dangerous speeds.

Deputies responded quickly to a call by Burbank police about a vehicle suspected of being stolen. Another pursuit began on Newhall’s 5 Freeway. LASD stated that the call had nothing to do with catalytic converter thefts.

While assisting Burbank police, a crash occurred involving a sheriff’s deputy vehicle and the suspects from the earlier pursuit. Inside the suspects’ vehicle, officers found at least eight catalytic converters.

All three suspects and the deputy involved were taken to a local hospital. No serious injuries were reported.

Residents are encouraged to take all steps to prevent theft of catalytic converters. There are several steps you can take to prevent catalytic conversion thefts.


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