Casanova pleads guilty to multiple serious charges

Brooklyn rapper Casanova will be spending years behind bars after he pleaded guilty to charges in a federal racketeering case. Casanova’s guilty pleas to racketeering offenses and narcotics offences came more than one year after he was indicted in a broad December 2020 indictment.

TheU.S. attorney for the Southern District of New YorkAccording to the U.S. District Court Judge Philip M. Halpern, the 35-year-old rapper pleaded guilty to one count conspiring to conduct or participate in the affairs of criminal enterprise through a pattern racketeering and one count conspiring to distribute more 100 kilograms marijuana. He also admitted that he was involved in a Florida shooting in July 2020, a New York City robbery in August 2018, and conspiring in the trafficking of more than 100 kilograms. 

“Like 12 of his co-defendants, Caswell Senior, an accomplished recording artist and performer, now stands convicted of playing a leadership role in Gorilla Stone, a particularly violent Bloods gang that operates throughout New York and across the country,”Damian Williams, Manhattan U.S. Assistant. “In addition to his supervisory role, Senior was an active, hands-on participant in the gang’s senseless violence.”

ABC7It was reported that Casanova is currently the 13th defendant to plead guilty in the Gorilla stone case. According to the New York Daily NewsThe Bloods faction is linked to numerous high-profile shootings in Brooklyn and Westchester County from 2004 to late 2020. Dwight created the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation gang. “Dick Wolf”Reid was sad that he ran the prison from behind bars, while serving a 50 year sentence. Casanova was sentenced by the U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York. “further stipulated”He was an organizer or leader “of a criminal activity that involved five or more participants and he agreed to traffic at least 100 kilograms of marijuana.”

James Kousouros, the attorney for the plaintiff, said that the government dropped other serious charges as part a plea agreement. USA Today. Kousouros said that the rapper “has accepted responsibility fully and respectfully and we hope that the court will consider all the facts and circumstances.”

At Dec. 6 sentencing, Senior will be sentenced to a minimum of five years imprisonment. Expectedly, the prosecutor will ask for a longer sentence. Maximum prison term for the two charges is 60 years.


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