Cars Impounded in LA Street Takeovers – Los Angeles

At least three large street takeovers were stopped by authorities and vehicles were impounded Thursday night in Compton and the San Fernando Valley.

At 9:10 PM, officers were summoned to Roscoe Boulevard in the Sun Valley-North Hollywood region. As drivers attempted stunts, a large crowd of spectators obstructed the intersection on Thursday night.

Video captured several people being taken into police custody. Authorities also confiscated vehicles at the intersection, including one pickup truck. Around 10 vehicles were loaded onto tow trucks before being hauled away.

The vehicles will be impounded for a night but owners must pay an impound charge, a police sergeant stated.

More than twenty-six spectators, drivers, and passengers were stopped and detained. They were also cited. Information about the citations was not immediately available.

Police broke up another street takeover in Compton Thursday night, as well as one at Foothill Boulevard and Balboa boulevards north of the San Fernando Valley.

Los Angeles residents who live in areas where street takeovers are common will be familiar with the circular tire marks left at intersections. In San Bernardino, a crowd of street takeovers unloaded furniture from a trailer with a large rig that had been stuck in the crowd.


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