Carrie Ann Inaba Addresses Her Need To Unplug & Unwind

Dancing With The StarsCarrie Ann Inaba, judge, is all about advocating her own well-being and health. And that’s exactly why she chose to go on a recent social media break. Next season of DWTSCarrie Ann is returning in September, and she fully expects that she will participate as a judge.

Keep reading to learn a little more about Carrie Ann’s break and where her head is at these days.

After her social media break, Carrie Ann Inaba addresses fans

Carrie Ann Inaba learned over the years to take breaks when she needed them. And that’s one thing she really touched on after coming back from her hiatus.

Carrie Ann Inaba/Access Hollywood

“Hey Everyone, I’ve been taking a break from Social media,”Carrie Ann posted on her Public Facebook page. “I needed some time to myself. It’s a strange thing to ask people for space, but it’s been very interesting. I have taken time to get to know who I have become, and have worked on letting go of what is no longer for me. And I don’t mean other people, I mean parts of me. So much of life is spent in routine, in habit. I became a bit mindless about the things I was doing in my life. And I wanted to get [acquianted] with the person I am now, at 54 and make changes to the way I live my life.”

The DWTSJudge spoke briefly about her leaving her job. The TalkAnd how it was the right decision for her health.

Carrie Ann Inaba from Facebook
Carrie Ann Inaba/Facebook

“For those who deal with chronic illness or neurodivergencies, or any challenge, I want to encourage you to take some time to look at what’s happening in your life, the choices you make each day… even each moment and see how they are affecting your life and your wellbeing. I want to remind you that it’s never too late. Don’t give up hope! Miracles can happen. Most of the time, they happen with a lot of intention, effort and hard work… so this is my gentle reminder that anything is possible.”

Carrie Ann teased, before signing off, that big changes were coming up. DWTSSeason 31. She added that she can’t wait to rest up and see everyone on the set.

In her flirty pink bikini, the judge looks stunning

Carrie Ann Inaba took a break from the world but was having fun in the sun. Summer doesn’t last forever, but the 54-year-old judge couldn’t let it get away without some pool time.

Carrie Ann Inaba from Instagram
Carrie Ann Inaba/Instagram

We hope she finds the relaxation and rest she needs. Fans can’t wait for the newest season to kick off on September 19!

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