Caroline of The Vampire Diaries – Hannah Montana singer, divorcee and singer

Candice Accola, best known as The Vampire Diaries Caroline Forbes, has enjoyed a busy lifestyle, starting with Hannah Montana stints and ending up filing for divorce from Josh King, after seven years of marriage.

Candice King was best known for her role as Caroline Forbes

Candice Accola, an American actress, was best known for her role in The Vampire Diaries’ Caroline Forbes.

The show was first broadcast in 2009 and few people anticipated its potential. It eventually became an all-encompassing phenomenon.

Caroline, the sexy, heartbroken, cheerleader teen from Mystic falls, had love interests in many characters but spent most of her time hiding her vampire identity.

Candice, now 35 years old, was recognized by viewers all over the globe for her role in the fan favorite TV series. She starred alongside Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev.

Before her acclaimed role on-screen, the American actress had a totally different career. She was closely associated with Miley and other Hollywood stars.

Candice took on the role in 2009.



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Candice, before working with her celeb pals, had an undeniable musical talent and even released a debut record in 2006.

The musician’s success with music led to her being asked to be a backing singer on Miley Cyrus’ Best of Both World Tour, which started in October 2017.

Candice told Clevver TV that she didn’t realize how famous Hannah Montana actress was when she first got the opportunity to do so.

“It was six months of my life, including rehearsals, that I’ll never forget, and I got to go on the road with friends of mine that I knew before the tour,”She spoke.

“I was 20 years old travelling the country and just running around on stage with all of the fun and none of the pressure.”

She was a backing singer on Miley Cyrus’s Best of Both Worlds Tour


Alex Scarlet/Youtube

She continued: “And watching Miley as an incredibly talented young woman – and to see where she’s come from, from having worked with her since she was 14, to see everything that she’s done now – is incredible.

“I was extremely fortunate to have been a part in such an amazing experience.”

The following year, Candice went on to star in 2008’s 3D concert film Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert.

The incredible opportunity even led to her starring on Hannah Montana The Movie – a phenomenon which grossed a whopping £124 million in worldwide box office revenue.

Candice played her real life role of one of Miley and Hannah’s backing singers as Miley revealed her true identity in her hometown Crowley Corners, Tennessee.

Candice played the role of an extra in Hannah Montana The Movie


Disney UK/Youtube)

Before she was able to take up the role of Caroline in The Vampire Diaries’ supernatural drama TV series, in 2009, she had a brief conversation with her future co-star Kat Graham.

Caroline was also seen in action alongside BBF Bonnie Bennett, Elena Gilbert, and Caroline was frequently seen fighting love triangles between men. Before she settled down with Stefan Salvatore for the final series.

Caroline first fell in love with Stefan, the new lad on The Show’s Very First Episode. After that, Caroline moved onto a short affair with Damon.

After moving to Matt Donovan as a friend, she began to fall in love with Tyler Lockwood. Then, she fell in love with Klaus Mikaelson.

Kat played Alison Jackson’s girlfriend in this series


Kmilou Kalian/Youtube)

Bonnie, Caroline’s character in Bonnie’s Troubled Relationships, was created by Kat. Hannah Montana starred alongside Kat.

When she was 19 years old, she appeared in a few episodes of Miley’s 2009 series as Alison, Miley’s older brother Jackson’s girlfriend.

Candice continues to play the role of a vampire in spin-offs like The Originals or Legacies, but the star leads a quieter life off-screen

On Tuesday,.News reported that aCandice filed for divorce from Joe King after seven years of marriage with two children.

This sad news comes one year after the couple welcomed their second child.

Joe King and Candice have two children together



Candice was watching TVD and they got married.



According to court documents obtained from Us WeeklyThe actress filed for divorce because of “irreconcilable differences”Thursday, 28th April

The paperwork showed that she had moved to Nashville in January after the breakup, but her ex was still living in Brentwood in Tennessee.

There was speculation that the couple had split when Candice removed Joe from her Instagram account. Candice was seen taking photos with her wedding ring.

The former couple had been introduced by her Vampire Diaries’ co-star Nina Dobrev after they took part in DirecTV’s 2012 Celebrity Beach Bowl.

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