Carlos Santana Undergoing Heart Surgery After Emergency Hospitalization

After a successful, unscheduled heart surgery this week, Carlos Santana, the legendary guitarist, is now in recovery. The announcement was made by the famed musician via a video posted on his official Twitter Wednesday afternoon, shortly after the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino. ShareSantana’s scheduled performance for that evening was canceled because of “a Non-Covid related situation that has been corrected.”

Santana shared the following video message with his fans. “last Saturday, I had an incident where my wife had to take me to the hospital because I had this thing happening in my chest.”He explained that he was taken to the hospital after a while. “we found out we needed to take care of it.”Michael Vrionis of Universal Tone Management said that the 74 year-old guitarist went through an “internal” procedure. “unscheduled heart procedure,”According to Associated PressHowever, no further information was provided.

Santana, due to ongoing recovery and the surgery, also confirmed Wednesday afternoon that several of his planned Las Vegas concerts for December had been cancelled. He informed his fans. “I’m going to be taking time out for a little bit to make sure I replenish and I rest and catch up with my health so that when I play for you I would play the way I’m used to and give you 150%. I wouldn’t show up unless I can do that.”The Grammy-winning artist said that he will be returning for the January 2022 performances.

“Carlos is doing fantastic and is anxious to be back on stage soon,”Santana’s condition was added by Vrionis. “He profoundly regrets that this ‘speed bump’ necessitated the cancellation of his upcoming performances. He is looking forward to seeing you all very soon.”

Santana, a rock band from Santana, released its 26th album in addition to his Las Vegas shows. Blessings, MiraclesThis album was released in October 2012. The album features collaborations between Chris Stapleton as well as Rob Thomas. This collaboration marks a 20-year reunion between the two artists. “Smooth.”Santana’s health scare comes just over a year after he declared the death of Jorge Santana (guitarist), in May 2020.


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