Carlin Bates shares a Health Update after a Follow-up Visit. Any Answers?

Bringing up BatesStar Carlin Bates Steward has an update for fans Wednesday, May 25. She had a follow-up doctor’s appointment after her many recent ER visits. Are there any answers for her terrifying episodes? Keep reading to get all of the details she’s shared so far.

If you follow Carlin and her husband, Evan Stewart, on social media, you may know that she’s spent a lot of time in the emergency room lately. She was having an epileptic fit. “episodes”Where she would go to die.

This has been going for a couple weeks now, and has caused a few ER trips. She was admitted to the hospital only once. Much of this was happening while she was in Nashville, Tennessee where Evan’s family lives.

But now, they’re back in Knoxville and are trying to get some answers.

Carlin Bates leaves a follow-up visit and shares an update with Carlin.

The Bates daughter, Emily, hopped onto social media on Wednesday, May 25 to update her followers. She is in a wheelchair and Evan pushes to push her to the car.

She says that she actually had an episode while attending the appointment. It was very helpful. Doctors were able for the first-time to see how an episode looks, which could help her receive a diagnosis. Evan stated that this is “really good.”

Evan Stewart Instagram, Carlin Bates

Though Carlin Bates doesn’t have an exact diagnosis or treatment plan yet, she seems to be feeling very hopeful. She stated that she was pleased with the appointment. “so helpful.” While talking to fans on her Stories on Instagram, she revealed that the doctors are 90% sure she’s having seizures.

She will be having a multi-day EEG in order to hopefully catch an episode. She explains. “They need to catch one when I am hooked up so they can determine what kind I am having and how to help me.”

It looks like she’s very happy to be on the right track.

Carlin Bates Instagram
Carlin Bates Instagram

Also on her stories, Carlin Bates says she’s happy to be getting answers because there are medications and treatments available to help.

Are you happy to know that Carlin Bates has begun to get answers to her health problems? Did you keep up with her via YouTube and social media during these issues? Leave a comment below. Please come back! TV Shows Ace More Bates family news.

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