Car flies into Tustin, and then bursts into flames

A speeding car crashed into a Tustin house and burst into flames on Friday morning.

Two a.m. collision took place on La Loma Drive. It was a car that seemed to be travelling at a high speed hit a curb, hit an mailbox, and then flipped over and crashed into the front of a Tustin home.

The home is shared by a young woman and her grandmother, who are both nearly 90 years old. Neither of them have been seriously injured.

The young woman refused to speak on camera. However, she claimed that she heard a woman screaming. “We have to go! We have to go!”

Samuel An, a neighbor who captured the wreckage on security video, stated that he helped the occupants get out of the car.

“There was a lady trapped in there. She was actually trapped by her pants, so I pulled her out, and then another gentleman came out after that,”An example.

According to Battalion Chief Kyle Kuzma, the Orange County Fire Authority, the occupants managed to escape the vehicle before it caught on fire.

“We immediately began extinguishing the vehicle fire and checking for occupants both in the vehicle and in the house,”He stated.

The man who was in the car was arrested, and An said he could smell liquor on that man’s breath. Paramedics took the woman to the hospital, but her injuries are not considered serious.


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