California’s gas prices falling: Why?

It’s great news at gas pumps. Gasoline prices continue their fall across California, including in Los Angeles.

According to AAAThe national average price for a gallon regular unleaded fell to $5.84 Friday. This is down 18 cents from last week and 55 cents from last month.

The state average gallon price is $5.79/gallon. That’s down from $6.37/gallon last month.

California’s Other Places

  • San Francisco: $5.841/gallon
  • San Diego: $5.763/gallon
  • Sacramento: $5.646/gallon
  • Oakland: $5.797/gallon

Why are gas prices dropping?

According to new data from Energy Information Administration (EIA), gasoline demand is lower than last year. This is leading to lower prices.

“If gas demand remains low…alongside a continuing reduction in crude prices, drivers will likely see pump prices decline,”AAA made the announcement in a news release. 


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