California Boy Dies in His Dad’s Arms After Inattentive Driver Hits him in a Crosswalk

California 7-year old boy’s family is in mourning after an inattentive driver struck and killed him crossing the road. Since then, the motorist has been arrested and is facing serious charges.

Francisco Garate and Gabriel Garate had been best friends since childhood and did everything together on Tuesday, July 26. The father decided to take his son, aged 7, to Long Beach to play baseball. It was a lovely evening.

The couple were on their way to the venue just across the street.

How horrible it is to die

Francisco and Gabriel didn’t reach the other side of the road, however, when a vehicle came in front, it was a sudden surprise. hitThe little boy. The father, aggrieved, watched in horror as his son’s life began to slowly evaporate.

The father’s grief could not have been more devastating. Tragic occurrenceAt the busy intersection at Lakewood Boulevard and 23rd Street. Francisco realized at that moment that his life was finished. He Reflected:

“To lose your son in such a horrible way, such a horrible way to lose a child.”

Source: Youtube/FOX 11. Los Angeles| Source: Youtube/FOX 11 Los Angeles

The father of the aggrieved daughter sobbed and said that they had done all they could to prevent it. It was even more distressing. They crossed the street through the marked south crosswalk, and they had the right-of-way at that time.

The driver of a Dodge pickup truck failed to give way to pedestrians crossing eastbound. Gabriel, who was happily walking in front his father, succumbed to the impact of the collision and his dad survived.

Mother of 7-year-old Gabriel, Dawn Garate seen crying | Source: Youtube/FOX 11 Los Angeles

Source: Youtube/FOX 11. Los Angeles| Source: Youtube/FOX 11 Los Angeles


Francisco survived the tragedy unscathed but it was still devastating to see his son go. He recalled the terrible moment when everything fell apart. :

“I grabbed him, I held him, just held him in my arms. He was just taken so abruptly.”

Members of the community holding a vigil for 7-year-old Gabriel Garate | Source: Youtube/FOX 11 Los Angeles

Gabriel Garate (7 years old) is held hostage by members of the community. Source: Youtube/FOX 11. Los Angeles| Source: Youtube/FOX 11 Los Angeles

Francisco lost a son at that time, but also his best friend, and a large part of his life. He , “We did everything together. He was my best friend.”

The heartbroken parents now have to live their lives knowing that they once had a handsome boy who was full of life and energy.


Gabriel’s parents have tried to find comfort and strength in the many memories that they shared, even as they face the hard reality of their son’s passing. His family recalls him as a bright and energetic child who brought joy, laughter, and love to their lives.

Apart from his unconditional love and support for his parents, the boy also loved the beach, sports activities, school, and his family. Dawn Garate, Dawn’s grief-stricken mother, was pictured here. Of her son:

“He was my baby boy. He was so happy and smart. He had such a personality on him.”

And that’s how the Garate family wants the world to remember him – the smart, vibrant Gabriel Garate who loved life — and not a victim.


James Barnes, 57 years old, from Desert Hot Springs, was the driver who caused the accident. He remained on the spot until police arrived and cooperated in the investigation.

Investigators don’t believe that drugs or alcohol were involved in the crash. Investigators also disregarded distracted driving as possible causes. Barnes claimed that he didn’t see the boy before the collision and was taken into custody for vehicular manslaughter, gross negligence, and other felonies.

After posting a $50,000 bail, he was released. However, Gabriel’s tragic death and the circumstances surrounding it make it difficult for his family to grieve. Dawn shared her heartfelt words of grief to interviewers. divulged:

“I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye because somebody wasn’t paying attention.”

The investigation into the incident remains in progress. To help pay for his funeral, his family launched a GoFundMe campaign.


Residents of Long Beach have called for authorities to take measures to make the pedestrian crossing safer since the accident.

Gabriel’s parents believe that the incident could have avoided if the driver had been more attentive to the road.

Dawn, who still struggles with the reality of her son’s death, has a message to all motorists. She urges them to be more vigilant so more people do suffer the loss. She :

“Pay attention because you take a life – you can take an innocent life.”

Long Beach residents, friends, family, and relatives gathered at the intersection to pay their final respects to the youngster as he entered the afterlife.

On Wednesday night, July 27, a Vigil in Gabriel’s Honor was held at the accident scene.


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