Bus Driver Kicks Out Little Girl Unable to Pay Bus Fare, Sees Her Again When He Arrives Home – Story of the Day

A little girl had no money to get on Jeffrey’s bus, so he turned her away. When he got home, he saw her picture on Facebook and was shocked senseless by what he discovered.

“No, little girl. You can’t get in without the money. Please get out because I really needed to get going,”Jeffrey, the bus driver, said that he had told a little girl, who was only able to afford a few pennies, to board the bus. She was probably seven years old. He didn’t want to deal with unaccompanied children on that day. They didn’t pay any attention to the other passengers.

“Please, sir. I want to visit my grandmother,”The little girl begged.

He quickly turned the little girl aside. | Source: Shutterstock

“Then go ask your parents for the money and come back next time,” Jeffrey replied and gestured with his hand for the girl to get out. She finally listened and left the bus sitting on her stomach, with her shoulders slumped. Jeffrey saw her sitting down at the bus stop, and drove away.

“Dear God. What have I done?”He was curious.

He finished his route and went home for the night, greeting his wife, Greta, and sitting down on the couch to rest. He put his feet on the coffee tables, turned on TV and pulled out his cellphone. He began to scroll through social networks mindlessly.

His Facebook was full of humorous posts, updates about his family, and many other things. He was astonished to see an image shared by one of his groups.

The group would often share news from their hometown in Maryland, and that day, a picture was shared of the little girl he had just turned away a few hours earlier. The word was out “Missing”The text was placed on top of the image. He read further and learned that the girl had disappeared a day ago, and her parents were distraught trying to find her.

Jeffrey saw her image on Facebook.Source: Pexels | Source: Pexels

Jeffrey’s back was cold. He had just kicked this girl out of the bus, but she was gone. “Dear God. What have I done?”He asked himself this question and stood up to go to the front door. There he left his shoes.

“Where are you going?”Greta asked, getting out of the kitchen to wipe her hands on the dishtowel.

“Greta! Quick! Call 911 and this number,”Jeffrey showed her the picture with his phone and said that he was proud of her. “I saw this girl at a bus stop earlier, and I turned her away because she didn’t have enough money. I’m going to find her, but please make those calls.”

He raced to find her.Source: Pexels | Source: Pexels

“Jesus! Ok, what bus stop exactly?”He answered her question and explained where he saw her. Greta agreed to stay home and call the authorities.

Jeffrey rushed to his car, started the engine, and almost flew out of his house, speeding to the bus stop. It was a good thing that the girl was intelligent enough to remain in one place. He was shocked at how reckless he was earlier. All by herself, she was just a small girl. There was something wrong.

Jeffrey, as he raced to the bus stop, vowed to be better with children in the future. Finally, he got closer and saw a tiny silhouette sitting on the bench right where he had left her.

She was also at the same bus stop. | Source: Pexels

“Thank God!”He sighed, parked right in front of her, and got out. “Girl, you’re still here! Thank heavens!”

“Yes, sir. No other drivers let me on the bus,”The little girl answered from her bench seat, swinging one foot and looking at concrete floor.

Jeffrey took deep inhalations, trying to calm down, and then decided to start to talk to her gently. “What’s your name?”

“Sarah,”She replied. “I’m not supposed to talk to strangers.”

“That’s right. But I promise I won’t get close to you. Tell me, Sarah. Did you know that your parents are desperately looking for you?”

“They are? Well… I…,”The little girl walked off.

“Did you escape from home? Where were you going?”Jeffrey kept asking questions.

Sarah only ran away to visit her grandmother. | Source: Pexels

“I was going to Grandma’s house. My mom wouldn’t let me go, but I wanted to see Gram,”Sarah responded, licking her tiny lips. Jeffrey smiled. Jeffrey smiled. 

“Your folks are searching for you, and they’ll be here soon, hopefully. I’m going to stay until they come. Alright?”He assured her, and the little boy gave him a smile. “You really should have brought money, though.”

Jeffrey laughed out loud, while Sarah giggled.

They were approached by police officers and another vehicle a few minutes later. Sarah was rushed by a woman who got out of her car. The little girl ran up to Sarah, screaming. “Mommy!”

He refused to turn away anyone who couldn’t afford it.Source: Pexels | Source: Pexels

Jeffrey was approached and asked by police officers about his call. He shared the whole story with them and explained how he regretted not letting his wife ride on the bus. So he went to find her. Sarah’s parents thanked their son for making these calls and he felt like an ordinary hero for once in his entire life.

Jeffrey was there to help anyone who needed cash and always looked out for those children that were left alone. Jeffrey was the right man for this job because many children were too independent.

What can we learn from this tale?

  • Do not hesitate to correct your mistakes. When Jeffrey saw the image online, he realized what he had done wrong and rushed to make things right. Thanks to his quick actions, he saved a little girl.
  • Take extra care of children on the streets. Some parents let their children be more independent than others, but you should still keep an eye on them. If you feel they are in danger, you can help them.

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