Burglar steals thousands in valuables including engagement ring from couple’s home in Lakewood

Lakewood couple says they were traumatized by an intruder who broke into their home and took thousands of dollars worth of valuables including an engagement ring.

They were both working when the burglars entered their home. The burglary occurred just one day before the couple was due to travel on a dream vacation.

Ronald Pham and Tracy Tran say the most important item stolen during the burglary was the couple’s engagement ring, which was inside a locked safe along with other valuables and important documents.

The entire safe was taken by the burglar, along with their passports and social security cards.

Although the couple reported the burglary to authorities, no arrests were made.

Security footage from a neighbor captured a man walking around the outside of the couple’s home around the time that the burglary would’ve taken place.

A back window was broken into by the burglar, and fingerprints were left behind. Incredibly, a $5 bill was found in the window.

Pham and Tran are both dentists and while they believe they may have been targeted by the burglar, they don’t know who it might’ve been.

“We don’t know if it was our maid, an open house a month ago, maybe someone who had seen the place. We don’t know if it was someone from the jewelry store,”Pham stated.

They hope that the security footage will help them identify the man and lead to their arrest and return of the engagement ring.


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