Bullock rescued from a swimming pool after fleeing from a local field

A young bullock escaped from a field and fell into the nearby pool. “safe and well”After being saved.

On Thursday night, three crews from Paignton Fire Stations, Torquay Fire Stations and Exmouth Fire Stations were called to remove the animal from the pool at a property located in South Devon’s Paignton.

As a vet was on hand, the 600kg bullock was lifted out of the pool by a harness. “professional advice and the wellbeing of the animal”.

“The plan of action was to feed webbing strops under the (bullock) after getting him in the corner of the pool, then bring in a telehandler and lift him out supported comfortably,”Rob Cude is the group manager at Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service. He spoke to the PA news agency.

To recover from his swim (Buckfastleigh Fire Station/PA), the bullock was taken to a nearby farm by a cattle trailer

“Whilst this was ongoing, a local farmer positioned a cattle trailer ready for him to move straight into.

“The operation went very smoothly, (bullock) lifted, moved to the trailer, and was then held in the harness for a few minutes until he could support himself again… By this time, he had been in the pool for three to fours hours and was very cold, with obviously numb legs.”

Cude claimed that the animal was able to survive in the water, although it had been partially drained.

“He did spend quite some time with his nose just below the surface blowing bubbles, which he seemed to enjoy,”He stated.

“When they started pumping out the water, he seemed to swim along the pool and investigate the pump.

“All (were) relieved to see him safe and well.”

BullockMr Crude stated that the bullock was his. ‘seemed to enjoy’Blowing bubbles with his nose under the water (Rob Cude/PA).

Once the bullock was freed from his harness and lifted out of the water, he was transferred into a trailer and returned to his farm to recover.

“A really good outcome for one very cold young bullock,”Mr Cude also added.


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