BTS, Taylor Swift and Adele help to increase CD sales in the US for the first time since 17 years

The first increase in CD sales in the US in nearly two decades has been due to the albums of Adele, BTS, and Taylor Swift.

In MRC Data’s 2021 US Year-End ReportThis is a shared post BillboardCD album sales increased by 1.1% in 2021, when 40.59million albums were sold, compared with 40.16million in 2020.

Adele had the biggest impact on driving last year’s growth, with her latest album ’30’ selling almost 900,000 copies in CD format alone in the US. The album’s sales accounted for 2.15 per cent of all CD sales throughout 2021.

The second highest-selling CD album in the US was Taylor Swift’s re-release of ‘Fearless’Followed closely by her rerelease of ‘Red’. Included elsewhere in the top 10 best-selling CD albums of 2021 are BTS’ two 2020 albums, ‘Map Of The Soul: 7’And ‘Be’.

Despite the rise, vinyl sold more than CDs in the US in 2019 for the first-time since MRC Data began reporting yearly US sales in 1991. Vinyl sales experienced a massive increase with a 51.4 percent growth to 41.72million CDs, up from 27.55million in 2020.

These increases reflect sales in the UK throughout the past year, with vinyl sales being the highest they’ve been in 30 years. The 2021 sales of more than 5,000,000 vinyl records was an eight percent increase on 2020.

In addition, CD sales also increased in the UK in 2021, with Q4 sales seeing year-on-year increase in the UK of almost 15 per cent, largely thanks to ’30’, as well as Ed Sheeran‘s ‘=’ABBA‘s ‘Voyage’.


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