Bruce Willis’ “Breach” Secures China Streaming Release

Bruce Willis stars in sci-fi action film “Breach”is to be released online in China next week via five major streaming services.

Leeding Media, with offices in Los Angeles and Beijing has finally agreed to Dec. 7 for the film to be shown on Tencent Video.

John Suits directs. “Breach” sees an interstellar ark fleeing a devastating plague on Earth, only to come under attack from a new threat, a shape-shifting alien force intent on slaughtering what’s left of humanity. Willis stars alongside Cody Kearsley, Rachel Nichols and Thomas Jane. Film Mode Entertainment handled international sales for the film, which was released in North America last December.

“It has been a tremendously challenging year in China for independent movies, including local ones,”Variety interviewed David U. Lee, the founder of the company. “Approvals for this film took a long time, though issues were not related to the content. Then, once we had overall approval, we had the issue of coordinating an optimal release date with five platforms. And each one needs (official) approvals.”

China’s tech platforms have been the subject of a regulatory storm that has lasted for the entire year. The theatrical film industry has been subject to significant political pressure to deliver patriotic content as well as to meet the recently established targets under a five year plan.

Leeding Media played a key role in the importation of 20 foreign films into China last year. These include “Ava,” “Kinsey,” “Million Dollar Baby,” “Locke,” “Wicker Park,” “Fame,” “The Gift,” “Immortal Beloved,” “Jane Eyre,” “Underworld”And “Dark Skies.”

According to the company’s assertion, each streaming platform has unique strengths and audiences that overlap, so it works with multiple platforms when possible.

“Our business is similar to that of the (Hollywood) studios in this respect. And we prefer non-exclusive releases,”Lee said.

Some companies are leaving the Chinese entertainment scene due to increasing political polarization. Others have sought to find on-the-ground intermediaries and consultancies to assist them in the evolving landscape. Leeding Media claims that its advisory team has expanded and has advised both American and Chinese clients this year. “multiple groundbreaking transactions between the U.S. and Chinese film entertainment sectors, including the sale and acquisition of major film investment assets.”

The company is currently expanding its television series production, Chinese movie remakes, and consumer product operations.



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