Britney Spears reveals that she lost her miracle baby

Britney has suffered a tragic loss. According to the performer, Sam Asghari, her fiancé, miscarried their child. It would have been their first child.

Britney Spears’ Road To Happiness

Britney’s journey to true happiness has been very difficult. Britney was in a conservatorship for over a decade under the care of her father Jamie. It was like a prison for the pop singer who spent four years in Las Vegas. Prior to all of this, she found fame with her hit …Baby One More Time. When she began dating Justin Timberlake, a fellow pop star, her personal life was put under scrutiny. They were perfect together, as they wore matching outfits. It all fell apart when rumors spread that she was not faithful. Despite making questionable choices, her career continued to rise. For fifty-five hour, she married Jason Alexander, an old friend. Then, she fell for Kevin Federline, a professional dancer.

They got married and had two children, Jayden (Sean Preston) and Jayden (Jayden). Britney experienced a public meltdown after the marriage fell apart. Britney shaved her hair and broke a windshield. Everyone was concerned. The best course of action was to establish a conservatorship. After a time it started to do more harm than good, and the #FreeBritney movement was created. Britney met Sam while filming a music video in October 2016. They were soon engaged and it was a matter of time before they knew it. They knew it was time for baby when she was out of her conservatorship.

And Baby makes Five

Britney Spears said that in April she believed she was overeating. She believed she was having a food baby, but it only got bigger. Soon she took a test that showed Sam and her being pregnant. It would be joining Brit’s two teenage sons and she was over the moon. She shared all her experiences on social media and how she was feeling. Unfortunately, Sam and her postedToday was extremely difficult. They had lost their baby.


Britney said she regrets not sharing the news sooner but that she was so happy she couldn’t resist. Kaley Cuoco, Andy Cohen, and Kaley Cuoco already sent their love to the couple. They are thankful for all the support they have received since their announcement. However, they request privacy at this point. If they decide to have their rainbow baby, it is possible for them to rebuild. They are in our thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time.

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