Britney Spears’ Mention Of Kate Beckinsale In Scathing Rant Has Twitter In A Tailspin

Taking to Instagram, Britney Spears is letting everyone know she isn’t letting those who forced her into the conservatorship off easy — and that includes her former management Tri Star and actor Kate Beckinsale.

Posting the quote, “Your self-respect has to be stronger than your feelings” on Instagram, the pop star went on a now-deleted rant explaining a lunch she had with managers Lou Taylor and Robin Greenhill while under her conservatorship — that apparently had Kate Beckinsale in attendance. “They sucked up to me… I think they were trying to kill me… I still to this very day believe that’s EXACTLY what they were trying to do … but not a d*** thing was wrong with me and I didn’t die!!!!” Spears wrote.

While Spears is speaking her truth, fans are encouraging the pop star to do so, even if they are confused about how Beckinsale fits into the story. “Someone fluent in Britney please explain how Kate Beckinsale fits into all this,” one fan asked online. Another added, attempting to clear up the explanation, “I don’t think Britney was dragging Kate Beckinsale. I think she was just letting Lou and Robin know she remembers every detail of that day,” to which another said this is Spears trying to help other artists. “Britney mentions that Kate Beckinsale was at the Tri Star office,” they wrote. “Hopefully, Kate and any other clients drop Lou Taylor before she can abuse anyone else!”


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