British Airways Flights Cancelled after Another IT Failure

PASSENGERS were reportedly trapped onboard planes, and in long queues after British Airways experienced an IT system malfunction earlier today.

This afternoon, the airline experienced a technical problem just days after it announced that it would cancel any future flights in order to avoid further travel chaos.


British Airways has another IT failure that is causing passengers to be stuck onboard planes, and in long queues.Credit to Alamy

The airline confirmed that the IT issue has been solved.

A spokesperson for Heathrow Terminal 5 stated: “We had a technical issue this afternoon that caused us to lose our operations.”

“This has now been resolved and we’re resuming flight operations. We’ve apologised to those customers who have been inconvenienced.”

Tweets were taken by angry passengers to express their dismay at their flight disruption.

One person wrote: “@British_Airways what’s the contingency plan please? Our captain has just said he has no news and we’re sat on the tarmac at Geneva.”

Another person said: “Been stuck at Heathrow for two and a half hours unable to check in with @British_Airways due to them experience a “global IT system failure”… no one seems to have answers or know what’s going on.”

Someone else wrote: “@British_Airways yet more IT issues. Why have we been sitting here with no luggage and the captain unable to contact you? Carrier pigeon could be an idea.”

The fourth: “@British_Airways seriously need to sort their IT systems out – yet another catastrophic failure at Terminal 5.”

British Airways’ second IT-related failure in less than two months is this.

In February, more than 500 flights were disrupted after the flagship carrier suffered its biggest IT failure for years.

Yesterday, BA announced it is reducing its schedule between now and the end of May, with Brits on affected flights over Easter rebooked on alternative seats.

Sun Online Travel spoke with a spokesperson saying: “While most of our flights continue as planned, we have slightly reduced our schedule between now-May 31st as we ramp up.

“We’ve apologised to customers who are affected by this and to limit the inconvenience have re-booked them onto earlier or later flights on the same day they were originally due to travel where possible.”

Hundreds of BA flights have been disrupted in recent weeks due to IT issues, with passengers left waiting for hours for their luggage and being sent home empty-handed.

Last weekend, 192 BA Flights were grounded which caused hundreds to wait hours for their luggage.

The airline also changed its policy regarding face masks for passengers aboard its flights.

Earlier this month BA announced it was scrapping its mandatory face mask policy, however, Brits flying with the airline are warned they must still wear face masks if they are travelling to 50 destinations.

This is the second major IT failure British Airways has suffered in two months


British Airways’ second IT-related failure in the last two months is this.Credit to Alamy


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