Brit holidaymakers warned about a’summer in chaos’ that would see massive disruptions and six month delays in the hiring of new staff.

BRITISH holidaymakers are warned to prepare for chaos at UK airports this summer.

Five-hour queues were formed by people trying to fly off for Easter holiday. Hundreds of flights were canceled or rescheduled.


Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 2 is extremely busyCredit: Rex
Thousands queue in Departure Hall A, Terminal One, at Manchester Airport


Departure Hall A, Terminal One at Manchester Airport is jam-packed with thousands.Credit: Ryan Jenkinson/ Story Picture Agency

Now it appears the chaos is here for good. Industry insiders revealed that they are experiencing six-month delays in hiring new employees.

Major staffing shortages have occurred at airports all over Britain due to increased demand from travelers after the pandemic and Covid-related absences.

However, they are having trouble finding new employees and processing their security checks. Senior industry figures have claimed that it takes up to six to six months to vet new staff.

They told The TimesVetting can take 14 to 15 weeks. However, some claim that the government is failing to provide sufficient resources to handle the increased demand.

One source said: “The process is cripplingly slow.

“Aviation was one of the hardest-hit sectors during the pandemic, suffered from a lack of targeted support, and is now facing a summer disrupted by the government being slow in vetting staff.”

However, a source within the government denied that it was responsible in any way for the lengthy delays in vetting staff.

They said: “The one thing the British public don’t want us taking a risk on is who has security clearance to work on airlines. 

“They and the travel companies treated their staff so badly through the pandemic it’s no surprise they don’t want to come back.”

And the travel problems aren’t just in the air as Brits have been warned to brace for the worst weekend of traffic in eight years as train stations are set to shut over the Easter weekend.

The RAC, a motoring organization, has warned that essential maintenance at many British train stations will force 21.5 million drivers onto the roads.

Experts predict chaos and travel disruptions across the country, which will last from Good Friday through Easter Monday. This will cause misery for millions.

All services will be closed to London Euston due to engineering works, including HS2, from the 15th through 18th April.


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