‘Bringing up Bates’ Fans Dote On Gorgeous Lydia Romeike

Bringing Up Bates fans are doting on Trace Bates’ fiancée Lydia Romeike. They think that she’s absolutely stunning and can’t get enough of this couple together. Scroll down for the opinions of fans about the next Lady Bates to join their family.

Who is Lydia Romeike

In case you don’t know, Lydia and Trace are engaged. The Bringing up BatesStar proposed in March. They went public with their relationship at Katie Bates’ wedding in December 2021. However, it looks like they’ve been together much longer. 

Wedding planning is now underway. This couple is excited to start their lives together. Their story is set to begin, and fans are thrilled.


Fans were disappointed to see this. Bringing up BatesIt is over. However, many Bates children have moved to YouTube or social media.

Fans love seeing Lydia and Trace through their YouTube channel. They have already shared a few videos, and plan to continue sharing their lives in this way.

Bringing up Bates fans obsess over Lydia Romeike’s beauty.

A fan posted a confession to the Duggar Bates Confessions Instagram account. Anonymous post about Lydia Romeike. They talk about their love for her and how beautiful they are.

The fan writes: “Lydia Romeike (Trace’s fiancée) is so gorgeous! She has the most beautiful alluring eyes too and just beautiful features.”

Duggar Bates Confessions
Duggar Bates Confessions

Other Bates fans have commented on the post to support the sentiment. One said, “She is really pretty.” Another adds that she’s a “drop dead gorgeous lady.”

It won’t be long before Lydia Romeike is officially a part of the Bates family. It seems that Lydia Romeike is loved by many and they are thrilled for Trace. The couple will hopefully soon have more details to share with their social networks followers.

The pictures below were taken at Lawson Bates’ and Tiffany Espensen’s wedding on Thursday, May 12. Kelly Jo Bates, Kelly Jo’s proud mom, was also featured in one photograph.

Bringing Up Bates, Trace Bates Instagram
Bringing up Bates and Trace Bates Instagram

Their wedding plans can be viewed in their Recent YouTube videos.

Do you agree? Bringing up BatesFans, Lydia Romeike looks stunning! Do you think she looks good with Trace Bates Leave your comments below. Return to TV Shows AceFind out more about the Bates Family.

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