Brilliant iPhone tricks you’ll want to use every day – including improving FaceTime and checking your heart rate

IF YOU own an iPhone there are several iOS features you absolutely need to know for everyday use.

Many smartphone users are unaware of the plethora of capabilities that their iPhone has hidden under its belt.


Apple iPhones come equipped with several clever features

Apple’s iPhone, particularly, comes infused with many clever tools that can make your smartphone experience seamless.

Here are 5 iPhone tricks you need to try out right now.

How to use Markup

Markup is a revolutionary tool that many users don’t even realize is there.

It not only lets you edit screenshots and photos but also can help you to add signatures to PDF files or other documents.

Furthermore, it gives you the capability to insert text, and draw on images straight from your internal settings (without an app).

To use ‘Markup,’ open a photo > hit ‘Edit’ > tap the markup button (the pencil in a circle icon).

You can use the ‘Plus’ button to add Description, Text, Signature, or Magnifier to zoom in.

How to check your heartrate

This feature does require you to download a third-party app, but it is still pretty cool.

First, you need to download the Google Fit app and link your Google account to it.

You will also need to sync the data with Apple Health.

Then, in the Google Fit app tap ‘Browse’ > ‘Vitals’ > ‘Check your heart rate.’

Follow the prompts, then place your finger over your iPhone’s rear-facing camera.

In about 30 seconds, you should have an estimated heart rate.

How to improve FaceTime

When iOS 14 was introduced a few years back, it brought with it a very clever feature for FaceTime called ‘Eye Contact.’

This tool makes it look like you’re maintaining eye contact on a video call, even when you’re not.

The feature comes in handy when you’re multitasking but don’t want to seem rude.

To activate ‘Eye Contact,’ go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Facetime.’

Once you’re in Facetime simply toggle ‘Eye Contact’ to enable it.

How to mute notifications

Sometimes you just need a break from certain notifications (A.K.A. the never-ending group chat).

There’s a way to do this without putting your entire phone on silent and potentially missing other important notifications.

Simply touch and hold the conversation you wish to mute and then tap ‘Hide Alerts’.

How to enable flash notifications

Perhaps you want your notifications to be noticeable to you, but not necessarily heard by anyone else.

There’s a way to enable flash notifications so that they pop up nice and bright on your phone screen, but are silent.

Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Accessibility’ > ‘Audio/Visual’ > ‘LED Flash for Alerts.’

You can then enable ‘Flash On Silent’ if you want the LED lights to only appear when your phone is silenced.

iPhone can check your heart rate using an app.


iPhone can check your heart rate using an app.

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And the most popular phone since the millennium has been unveiled, with many shocked to find out it’s not an iPhone.

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