Bride faints, vomits and gets pooped on during wedding disaster

A bride had a trial run of “in sickness and in health” when her wedding day led to her fainting, vomiting, and her dress being pooped on.

Taking to TikTok with a viral clip that has since racked up 4.2 million views, Hollee Lynnea-Kolenda Darnell (@hollinator1424) said: “I kept trying to tell my husband I didn’t feel good and he thought I was joking,”

“My baby nephew then pooped on my dress right after while I was pukin’.”

The series of unfortunate events began with a shaken Hollee clasping her husband’s hands, indicating that she wasn’t feeling too well. She briefly falls into her groom’s arms, which one fellow TikTok user described as “a cute little movie faint.”

Jackson appears to ask his bride whether she was okay before the pastor catches her fall and fans her face.

The 23-year-old went from blushing to barfing real quick, but luckily felt better once she had gotten some water and sat in the air-con.

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One TikTok user humoured, “Does this mean she fell for him?”

While another expressed their concerns for their own wedding day, “New fear unlocked for my wedding next year.”

“This is enough to put me off ever getting married,” one added.


Hollee explained in a follow-up video that she was “super dehydrated, and hadn’t drunk or ate anything all day” – and the Florida heat didn’t help. She added that she is prone to passing out due to low blood pressure and iron, as per her doctor.

“After I passed out … My sister had a fan on my baby nephew, so she came over to me to put that fan on me, and as she was holding my nephew he starts pooping,” she said. “And the poop goes down her arm and onto my dress.”

Now, that’s a story to tell the kids one day.

Indy100 has reached out to Hollee for comment.


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