Boycott Petition for ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Fans

With 58 Emmy Awards and the tag of NBC’s longest-running show, Days Of Our LivesFans have enjoyed the show as a daily soap opera. After airing on NBC for 57 year, the show has been moved to Peacock, its streaming service.

This news was first reported by VultureWednesday. As per reports, the show will move from the broadcast network to its streaming service on September 12, which is a bit more than a month’s time. The empty time slot will be taken over by NBC’s News DailyThe next month. How are fans feeling about the switch now? Continue reading to learn more.

Days Of Our LivesSeason 58 Renewed

Mark Lazarus, Chairman of NBCUniversal Television and Streaming, spoke out about the major move. “This programming shift benefits both Peacock and NBC and is reflective of our broader strategy to utilize our portfolio to maximize reach and strengthen engagement with viewers.”


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“With a large percentage of the Days Of Our Lives audience already watching digitally, this move enables us to build the show’s loyal fanbase on streaming while simultaneously bolstering the network daytime offering with an urgent, live programming opportunity for partners and consumers,”He went on

After its success over the years, the show has been officially renewed to Season 58. It will air on Peacock in 2023, and not NBC. Days Of Our Lives spin-off, Days of our Lives: Beyond SalemPeacock already streams the show. Season 2 is now available to stream on Peacock. It premiered last month. The show dropped one episode per week for a total of five episodes.

Days Of Our Lives Beyond SalemFive episodes from Season 1 were also released on September 2021 by Peacock.

Fans Will Not Pay To See Their Favorite NBC Show

However, this move of the fan-favorite show from the broadcast service to the streaming service wasn’t welcomed by fans. Furious fans vented their dismay at having to pay for their favourite show. Although Peacock’s subscription is free, with past episodes of DOOLFans believe that the move will soon be available to Peacock Premium.

Days of Our Lives YouTube

In Peacock’s premium version, viewers can watch the initial few episodes for free, after which they need to pay to continue.

Twitter was used by fans to voice their opinions as one comment.

“Hey, @peacockTV @nbc, there is no way anything you put on in place of Days of Our Lives will be as worth watching as it is. Not a talk show, game show, or news show. You could count on me to watch your network 5 days per week, year-round during the day. I’ll have zero motivation now.”

Another chimed in. “Too bad. I’ve been watching for 45 years, but I’m not getting Peacock.”

“I’m not a fan of this,”The third user was mentioned.

The fourth expression is “I don’t think it’s fair that it has to be paid for to watch even if it is minimal. Not happy. Won’t be watching anymore after September. In fact, I may as well just stop now.”

One fifth fan reacted furiously. “Not a good move @nbcdays @NBCUniversal The older viewers (like myself) won’t stream it. Sad to see you don’t appreciate your loyal viewers who have kept you on the air all these years.”

“And they expect people to pay for a show they’ve been watching for free since the ’60s? I’m not buying into that,”Another was mentioned.

Fans Are Concerned About the Future of Days Of Our Lives

Fans have worried about the show’s future and this is a major step. Many of the cast members are leaving the show, as viewers have noticed a pattern. Many well-known names like Marci Miller and Sal Stowers, Lamon Arkey, Victoria Konefal, have been dropped from the show. However, fans believe there is still more to come!

How do you feel about it? Days Of Our LivesHow do you transition from NBC and Peacock? Please share your views in the comments


Boycott Petition for 'Days Of Our Lives’ Fans
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