Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak and all the other Partygate defendants denied wrongdoing

Over 50 fines were issued for law-breaking parties that were held at Whitehall and Downing Street during the peak of the pandemic. Among those faced with a penalty were prime minister Boris Johnson and chancellor Rishi Sunak – and now people are cringing back at their past Partygate comments.

In December 2013, the first reports about Downing Street parties were made public. Johnson initially maintained that Johnson was correct. “guidelines were followed at all times” – that was until rumours of other gatherings emerged.

Later, the prime minister apologized for drinking in Downing Street gardens but said that he thought it was a workplace event.

Sunak was also asked in the Commons if he participated in any of the pandemic-related parties. Sunak was then asked whether he had been to any Christmas parties. “No, I did not attend any parties.”

Johnson demanded an inquiry into rule-breaking parties led by Sue Gray, a senior civil servant who claimed there had been a “failure of leadership”In her interim report, she submitted the information to Downing Street. Officers launched an investigation after Gray provided the information.

The prime minister insisted that people waited until the police investigation was over – which has started to backfire. The Met will not release the full report until they have completed the investigation.

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Labour has declared the pair “unfit to govern”And urged them to get out. Sir Ed Davey, Liberal Democrat leader, stated: “If Boris Johnson won’t resign, Conservative MPs must show him the door.”

Johnson repeatedly refused to answer a question about whether he would resign if he was punished by police for violating Covid laws at Downing Street parties.

Social media now has a group of people coming together to discuss the horrible statements that the pair made.

A spokeswoman for No. 10 stated: “The prime minister and chancellor of the exchequer have today received notification that the Metropolitan police intend to issue them with fixed penalty notices.”

Scotland Yard released the following statement: “We are making every effort to progress this investigation at speed, this includes continuing to assess significant amounts of investigative material from which further referrals may be made to ACRO (Criminal Records Office).”

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