Bill Russell’s Wife Jeannine Russell Is a Former Pro Golfer

Jeannine Russell, Bill Russell’s widow, was also a professional golfer like her husband. These are some facts about the fourth wife of the NBA star.

Jeannine Fiorito, Bill Russell’s wife, was with him at his final moments. She had been there for her husband for many years. She also thanked her husband’s family and friends, for their support and condolences.

Jeannine, who is well-known as the wife of a sports star, worked in the same industry. Many may not be aware of her private life. Let’s look at some facts about her.


Jeannine lived a short life before Bill. However, her husband has previously revealed that Jeannine was a professional golfer in a job. He :

“The wife & I spent the day on the golf course. Ole #6 got a lucky bounce. I need all the help I can get against an Ex-Pro golfer.”

Jeannine was a Canadian Professional golferShe was a participant in several tournaments, mainly the CN Canadian Women’s Tour. As per Gold Canada, she was awarded Player of The Year in 2010.

The 11-time NBA champion also wrote a tribute to Valentine’s Day.

Jeannie Tied the knotHe married Jeannine Fiorito, his fourth wife. Jeannine was born Jeannine Fiorito and adopted Russel’s name after the wedding. The couple renewed their wedding vows right before the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020. They were surrounded with close friends and family. The groom shared the moment on social media. WritingTweet:

“On this day just before the Covid shut down we were able to say ‘I Do’ again with the ones we love. Tell the people you love how you feel, no day is guaranteed.”

One year later, he shared another blog post to celebrate the anniversary. Bill mentioned that they renewed their vows January 24th – 24 being Kobe Bryant’s number. So this was a connection to him.

He : “Happy 1 year vow renewal @Anniversary to my wonderful wife. We realized today we were married on the 8th and renewed our vows on the 24th. The #Kobe connection goes deep.”


Jeannine and Bill seemed to live a happy married life and were not afraid to share their intimate relationship with the rest of the world. While they led a quiet life together, Bill would occasionally share bits of their lives, especially special occasions.

Jeannine had been his birthday tribute. “beautiful wife.”He also shared another photo of their wedding where they smiled sweetly at one another.

The 11-time NBA champion also wrote a Valentine’s Day tribute, in which it appeared that they played a round on golf. The couple spent Thanksgiving together at home and shared a picture on Instagram. He Write:

“#Thankful to be with the one I Love. This is how we like to celebrate.”

They also celebrate special events together, such as St. Patrick’s Day or Halloween. The pair wore matching green shirts on St. Patrick’s Day. Please read, “Wicked Smaaht.”They also dressed up as eggs and bacon for Halloween.

Bill was not only a successful professional, but he also became a prominent civil rights activist in sport and used his voice for raising awareness about injustices.


Jeannine, who was never married to Bill, became a stepmom to his children, Jacob, Karen and William Russel Jr. from previous relationships. The NBA superstar shares his three children. kidsRose Switcher, Rose’s first wife. After the birth of their three children, Bill divorced Rose.

He married Dorothy Anstett on the second occasion in 1977. But he divorced her three more years later. In 1996, he married Marilyn Nault, his third wife. They remained together until 2009.

Bill began his basketball career as a Boston Celtics player. Later, he became the first Black head coach of the NBA league. He was also known as “The Bill”. “most prolific winner in American sports history.”

Bill was not only a successful professional, but he also became a prominent civil rights activist in sport and used his voice for raising awareness about injustices.


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