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The Pokemon This franchise has one the longest-running animes of all time. With 25 seasons and over 1200 episodes, the show is more than twice as old as its core audience. Yet, one thing remains a mystery despite all the success. It is a question. PokemonSince the first episode, fans have been enjoying the show since its inception. The mystery has remained unsolved to this day. That’s 25 years without an explanation. Let’s talk about this mystery, and whether or not we may ever understand the mystery of Brock’s Cerulean City disappearance.

A massive Pokemon Mystery

Episode 7 of The. Pokemon anime’s first season, Ash, Misty, and Brock head to Cerulean City. Ash is determined to take on the Cerulean City gym in order to get his second badge. His human friends, Misty and Ash, disappear along the way. For Misty, it makes sense, considering she’s the Cerulean City gym leader. She didn’t want to reveal the big news to Ash until it was time, and she had to prepare for the battle (one that didn’t wind up taking place). Brock’s disappearance, however, remains a mystery.

Ash and Misty's cerulean battle

Brock briefly talks with Ash about the upcoming fight before he heads to the gym. Brock states he doesn’t know the gym leader but does know the leader’s signature move. He’s overall fairly unhelpful to Ash, as he won’t actually share with him what the move is. Brock is the Pewter City gym’s leader and feels obligated to give no trainers who challenge him an edge. Brock then heads off to do. “stuff”After this meager interaction. Yet, it is possible to do more. “stuff”To this day, it remains a veil in shadows.

Any Answers And The World’s Biggest Franchise

Brock is absent from the conflict that ensues between Ash, Misty and Team Rocket at Cerulean City’s gym. After his disappearance, Brock is reunited with the gang and the show doesn’t return to the cause. It’s possible that the show writers forgot to ever return to this point, or that they never had any intention of stating why. Still, it’s a strange detail. This detail seems insignificant, but it is important. Why couldn’t Brock just be present at the Cerulean Gym?


He and Misty aren’t in the anime much nowadays, although they have both made fairly recent appearances. It’s unlikely the show will ever call back to something most of its fans probably don’t even remember. It’s possible that the reason is speculation. Ultimate Journeys for PokemonIt is currently available on Netflix. Rights limbo keeps most of the films and seasons off any streaming service as of now.

The latest video games Pokemon franchise, Pokemon: Scarlet & VioletThe following are coming out on November 18th.


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