Bianca Dusic shares her love story with her

Kristen Kish, who won the culinary show in 2012, rose to celebrity chef status. “Top Chef: Seattle.”Despite her efforts to improve her resume, she still has a wonderful love story with her wife.

Kristen Kish, an ex-employe of a Boston-based restaurant, has become a household name since appearing on “Top Chef”Tenth season. Kish won the competition and has the power to make a career of it.

Fortunately, she jumped at the chance to become a culinary expert and has since continued to improve her skills by appearing on culinary shows and winning awards, such as TruTV’s cooking contest. Source: Getty Images “Fast Foodies.”

Co-host Kristen Kish attends a screening, Q&A and dinner for Netflix’s Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend hosted by Napa Valley Film Festival and the Culinary Institute of America at Copia on June 15, 2022 in Napa, California. | Source: Getty Images

She currently serves as co-host for a new podcast. Cooking competition series dubbed “Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend”Netflix. Kish is grateful that she can be herself on the show.

Celebrity chef, who appeared recently on the “Top Chef”series will always remember that the show helped her to achieve success. In her words:

“There’s so much I owe to Top Chef. Even getting me to this position of being able to co-host Iron Chef. Like, I wouldn’t be doing this if it weren’t for that.”

Kish, now 38 and a successful chef, is still passionate about her passion, which started many years ago.

She was born in South Korea, but was adopted by American parents. She learned to cook from watching T.V. shows during her childhood.

Kish became more mature as she grew older. Attended the Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago and later worked with the reputable restauranteur Barbara Lynch.

Kish didn’t feel fulfilled until she went. “Top Chef,”Her unique talents were showcased and she established a landmark history.

The chef is not only a skilled cook, but she also uses her platform as a voice for women in the kitchen.

Kish shares a charming love story with Bianca Dusic, aside from her professional life. They have been married for just over a year, after being together for several years.


Dusic, a native Australian, is also an accomplished women. She works at Standard Hotel as the vice president of food & beverage. Other than her involvement in the The, not much else is known. “Top Chef” star.

The pair engaged in 2019, and last year, Kish shocked her fans with a Monday post, declaring that they married over the weekend.

The couple wore matching outfits and invited their families to their small backyard wedding. They exchanged vows with the Justice of Peace who presided over their ceremony.

AllModern was their partner in the design of their Connecticut home after they got married. Kish, her partner, admitted that she wasn’t an interior-decorator during the design process.

The women kept a healthy balance as they planned the interior design of their home. According to the chef:

“Bianca, on the other hand, is more into texture and pattern. I lean towards minimalism (a.k.a. not very homey). We agreed to find a middle ground as our starting point, and over time, we will add more. If I tiptoe into it, it feels less jarring!”

Evidently, their tastes do not reflect the same things. Kish is a big fan of to. serenade her lover with sweet words online, Dusic chose to keep things private, running a private Instagram account.

They are still a powerful couple. support each other immensely—the V.P. She shares her partner’s love for food. They created content online during the pandemic and shared their comfort food.


Kish was awarded the prestigious Golden Globes and she admitted that she had a sexual relationship with Kish. “Top Chef.”The interview was conducted by a culinary expert. Detailed explanation that she waited that long because of her insecurities.

She finally found her true love and was able to embrace her sexuality. She is grateful that the relationship didn’t work but she doesn’t regret it. “the push” she needed—something she has grown to enjoy.


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