Betty White Trends With Milestone New Book

Betty White was on the trending topics list once again this weekend, and once again it was for good news. There is a new book about the actor’s long and storied career out now in honor of her 100th birthday next month. The new book Betty White: 100 Remarkable Moments in an Extraordinary Life, was written by Ray Richmond and is available in print and digital formats.

Richmond assembled all the information he could on White’s century of life and her work in entertainment, noting that she has already written three memoirs herself. He told Variety that he wondered whether there was anything left to say about White that people didn’t already know, but found that there is still plenty. He examined White’s legacy within pop culture, happily reporting that her on-screen persona is genuine and sincere. He believes this approach to publicity is what has allowed her to stay relevant for longer than perhaps any other star of her stature ever has.

“She’s humble about it,” Richmond said. “She doesn’t think she’s all that. That’s attractive to mainstream America. She knows how to measure the room and the mood better than any entertainer I’ve ever seen. And she knows her brand better than anyone. She knows her limits, what lines she can cross. She does it with flair and sophistication.”

Richmond also acknowledged that White’s longevity and good health have been a big help to her legacy in the public eye. He said: One reason she’s achieved all that she has is that once a performer hits a certain age, you become iconic and loved simply because you’re still there.” Specifically in White’s case, she managed to keep working on screen and adapting to new roles to suit her advancing age.

More recently, Richmond believes White has become best known for her self-awareness and willingness to make fun of her own past. He said: “What people love about Betty is how game she is for everything apple pie and America – and in the same breath she can swear like a sailor.” While most fans know this, the new book dives into how White reached that point and the powerful foundation it is built on.

White’s age makes many people nervous when her name appears on the trending topics list. Just last month, a random flash of interest in her name on Twitter nearly gave the website’s users a collective heart attack. As always, when news of this new book circulated, fans needed to reassure themselves and each other that White is doing well. The actress will turn 100 on Jan. 17, 2022. Betty White: 100 Remarkable Moments in an Extraordinary Life is available now wherever books are sold.


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