Better Call Saul fans Wish They Had More of This Duo on The Show

Jimmy and Mike are the show’s two leads but they have rarely interacted with each other. There are some notable exceptions to this rule, like their journey through the desert together in Season 5. “Bag Man”And, most recently, Mike helping Jimmy and Kim clean out their apartment after Howard was killed in their living room by Lalo in Season 6’s “Fun and Games.”One fan took to Jimmy-Mike scenes. RedditThey stated that they wish there was more of the duo throughout. “Better Call Saul.” 

This was the beginning of u/captaincookschilipEven listing all their interactions right up to the fifth season. As a result, u/smartburnseffect wrote, “Wow, [in Seasons] 2 and 4 they barely overlap stories at all. Crazy how they’ve been able to pull off this ‘2 worlds’ approach for this long.”Other fans shared similar feelings about how the writers managed to keep two stories alive while still making it feel like a cohesive show. One fan, u/NateShaw92, wrote, “It actually is quite cool how the characters (realistically I might add) keep parts of their lives separate and it is always cool when that ends and we get Kim sharing a scene with Mike. The long [time] coming clash of worlds is made better by the fact they were separate for years.”

However, on the other side of things, some fans are disappointed — rather than wowed — that there is so little interaction between the two sides. Take, for example: u/jeharris25Notable is the fact that: “Breaking Bad,”Jimmy introduced Mike to him as his private investigator. They were hoping for a stronger relationship. “Better Call Saul.”


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