Beth Blade, Rock Singer, Describes Horrific Sexual Assault Experiences as She Braces to Release Abuser’s Prison Record

Beth Blade is the lead singer for the U.K. group Beth Blade and the Beautiful DisastersBefore her abuser was released,, spoke out about her experiences as a domestic abuse survivor in detail. Vincent Grieve was sentenced in December 2018 to eight years imprisonment after pleading guilty for rape, assault and sex. He is currently being released. Releasing under licenseThe situation is similar to that of being released on probation in U.S. Blade 32 says she was sexually assaulted by Grieve multiple times during a 24-hour period August 2018.

Blade, born Beth McDonald, told Sky News Grieve, her ex-partner, threatened to use a saw against Blade and punched, stamp on, and strangled her. Blade fled their home wearing only her socks after he fell asleep. Grieve pleaded guilty on December 18, 2018 to rape and assault occasioning bodily harm. After spending four years in prison, Grieve was released on a license. Blade called it an indefinite restraint order. “just a piece of paper”She is worried that Grieve, her status as a touring artist, will be able to find her.

The musician spoke out as her band prepares their album promotion. She hopes to be an inspiration to others who are in similar situations. “If it can help one person, then it’s worth feeling scared every time you talk,”She spoke. “And as time goes on, it gets less and less.”

She hopes other people will see that they are not alone. “And that it’s okay to go through these terrible things and that they’ve got someone – they might not even have met me – but they’ve got somebody who understands and is in their corner,”Blade spoke to Sky News “And it might just make them feel brave enough to not have to suffer anymore.”

Blade and Grieve first met as teenagers. They rekindled their relationship in February 2018 after they had a breakup. He said, “love-bombedShe and her decided to return to Blackburn even though her band was in Cardiff. Blade explained that Grieve attempted control over her work schedule and appearance. She lost contact with her friends. After he saw her hugging a promoter, he began hitting her repeatedly in the car. She covered the bruises and gave him another chance.

“I just kind of gave up on myself… my confidence was non-existent. I had no self-belief whatsoever and the only thing that kept me going at all was the band and the music, that was it. I had to do gigs because I had committed to them. I had to do the album because I’d paid for it. And in reality, it’s the thing that kept me alive. Because if that hadn’t been there, I am absolutely 100% certain that I would have tried to kill myself or eventually he would have killed me.”Blade stated that she was embarrassed to tell her family and friends about the abuse.

Grieve was thrown a glass at Grieve in a pub a few days before the abuse led to Grieve being arrested. He was upset that he couldn’t go on the Kiss Kruise cruise to the Bahamas with the band. Blade didn’t know that another man was involved in the incident and retaliated by hitting him with the glass instead of the singer. Blade was asked by Grieve to tell her the name of the man.

Blade stated that Grieve, who was drinking, punched Blade, and tried to strangle Blade. He threatened Blade with an electric razor. Blade attempted to flee, but the door was locked so he stopped him. He grabbed her, and she tried to stay conscious during the attack. He then raped and fell asleep. Blade ran away, and a woman helped him call the police and take him to the hospital in a taxi. Blade suffered a skull fracture and bruising as well as other injuries.

“I believe he’s a danger,”Blade told Sky News. “What he did, and it comes down to the legal terms, but he tried to kill me. To me, that’s attempted murder. And the prison sentence does not fit the crime at all. It’s going to affect me for the rest of my life. When he’s out of prison, I have to worry about him, revenge, attacking me in some way… but I’ve chosen to live my life in spite of that.”Blade wants to create a music therapy program to help domestic abuse victims. She also hopes that the government will do more to support them. Blade hopes that abusers will receive harsher sentences.

A Ministry of Justice spokesperson offered sympathies to Blade and said the government is increasing funding for victim services to £440 million over three years. “Sentencing is a matter for independent judges but offenders released on license face strict license conditions including exclusion zones and monitoring tags, and new laws will see the most serious offenders spend longer behind bars,”According to the spokesperson.

Contact the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656–HOPE (4673) if you have been victim to sexual assault.


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