Beloved L.A. lounge act Marty & Elayne’s Marty Roberts dies at 89

Marty Roberts, one half of the irrepressible, crowd-pleasing lounge duo Marty & Elayne — the beloved L.A. partnership that serenaded everyone from Frank Sinatra to Nicolas Cage and stole the 1996 film “Swingers” out from under Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau — died from cancer on Thursday. He was 89.

The news was announced Tuesday on Marty & Elayne’s Facebook page. Roberts died at his daughter Hali Gillin’s home in Henderson, Nev.

“My mom and I are devastated by his loss and there is nobody that could ever take his place,”Gillin wrote. “He had a joke and a smile (smiling is free, he would say!) for everyone he met and was the kindest, most self sacrificing man in the world.”

Los Feliz’s Dresden Room was Marty & Elayne’s living room, and the space they made of it was a sublimely Los Angeles one. Six nights a weeks, Marty and Elayne put on a show. Marty played drums and standup bass, while Elayne played flute and piano. They harmonied sweetly, and Marty sang for nearly 40 years.

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