Bell Gardens Police Rescue Woman From Burning Car – Los Angeles

Police said that they saved a woman, aged 28, who was trapped in a vehicle that caught on fire after it hit a traffic signal control box on a Bell Gardens sidewalk.

Officers were on patrol in the 6000 block Gage Avenue around 4:55 am Saturday when they stumbled upon major frontal damage to a vehicle. According to Lt. Efren Anguirre from Bell Gardens Police Department the vehicle came in direct contact the traffic control cabinets’ electrical wiring.

“As officers were trying to extricate the driver, the engine compartment caught fire and within seconds the fire increased in size,” Aguirre said. “The officers used fire extinguishers in order to control the flames and pulled the unconscious female out of the vehicle. As smoke and fire entered into the passenger compartment, the officers had to use fire extinguishers.

“Officers continued to free the driver, as the fire grew larger,” Aguirre continued. “They were finally able pull her from safety after several minutes.

Paramedics from the LA County Fire Department arrived on the scene and treated the woman’s severe burns to her legs. They then rushed her to the hospital, where she was given further treatment.

Bell Gardens police asked anyone with information about the crash to contact them at 562-806-7600.


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