Thriller movies have been on a stroll in 2021. Adding another dramatic thriller to the list was John David Washington’s Beckett from Netflix. With the story of an American tourist being chased after a vacation trip car crash with a bit of a melodrama, Beckett brings a lot of promises to the fans of the genre. But are the fans satisfied? Why don’t we take a look into the movie’s plot, cast and the effect on us, the audience? 

From the Italian filmmaker Ferdinando Cito Filomarino, Beckett was released on August 13 2021 post the world premiere at the 74th Locarno Film Festival. Although Beckett was introduced as a thriller, at several points, the movie fails to engage the audience. There lies a scope to build on the plot and develop thrilling sequences but remains unexplored to a certain extent. Starring John David Washington in the lead as the title character Beckett along with Vicky Krieps, Boyd Holbrook, Panos Koronis and Alicia Vikander among others, Beckett only gains an average rating when it comes to the presentation. 

Beckett Plot Summary

Starting at a slow pace, we see a couple very much in love on their vacation trip in Greece. Thirteen minutes in, the story changes dramatically with a car crash and the girlfriend is killed. The boyfriend, Beckett, our protagonist, wakes up at a hospital and is soon seen talking to the police regarding the incident remembering seeing a woman and a boy but the policemen refuse to believe that. Burdened by the loss of his love, Beckett heads to the accident spot, the house where his car crashed only to take his life. Here start the gunfires- two police officers and a woman, including those who saw him earlier at the police station starts shooting and chasing him trying to kill him. Jumping off cliffs, crossing rivers, saved by hunters, boarding trains and apparently, the police officers trail Beckett wherever he goes and needless to say Beckett escapes every single time. 

BECKETT (2021) John David Washington as Beckett and Alicia Vikander as April. Cr: NETFLIX

Halfway into the movie’s runtime, Beckett realises there’s more to his adventure with the Greek police officers. A famous politician’s nephew has been kidnapped and it was the same boy he saw at the house. Finally, when he reaches the U.S. Embassy in Athens, another corrupt officer awaits him to once again attack and once again, Beckett escapes. And what do we get for an explanation? It was all a wrong-man-wrong-place trouble that Beckett got into. But our superhero-type protagonist saves the day despite his weak body, in between major attacks, suffering from a lot of pain and finds the boy. Beckett feels like a cycle of events- chasing, running, attacking, rescuing, grieving and repeat. 


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