Beaux Raymond & Harry Johnson Confirm Split

After reporting earlier, Harry Johnson and Beaux Raymond remained a couple. Too Hot to HandleSeason 3 has ended. There is a new update.

The couple appears to be on good terms and are still in love, but they have recently stated that they no longer are romantically involved.

Beaux Raymond and Harry Johnson aren’t together but seem friendly

Beaux Raymond Johnson was so happy with Harry Johnson, that many fans were shocked to learn that they had split. Both Harry and Beaux agreed that they had enjoyed their time together.

“I don’t have any regrets from the show,” Beaux told Us Weekly Exclusive interview “I think everything that I did on the show, I’m happy with. I wouldn’t have changed it because it wouldn’t have been me. But at the end of the day, if it didn’t happen, something else might not have come from it.”

“I’m very happy with the way things all went,”Harry agreed. “I feel like there was a lot of closure at the end for everybody. Everyone handled everything very [well], and whether things went south, they went north, whatever direction, everybody seemed to come out of it happy, consistently just themselves and not having to fake anything, and I think that’s the best part about it. I wouldn’t change anything going back.”

Harry Johnson/Instagram

It’s not immediately clear when exactly the couple split up. And it’s not hard to see why many fans believed the couple was still together. After Season 3 was available on Netflix, both the couple started sharing photos of each other.

Is it sad that Harry and Beaux have split? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments.

It wasn’t love at first sight

You could keep up with Too Hot to HandleYou’ll see that it wasn’t love at first site for Harry and Beaux in Season 3. Harry first wanted to be with Georgia Hassarati. But she didn’t seem to return his feelings.

Beaux and Harry made friends instead and built their friendship slowly from there. It was very fulfilling to watch their relationship. The couple was awarded the $90,000.

“When he first walked in, he wasn’t as tight,”Beaux continued the interview with Us Weekly. “Obviously, he was beautiful looking, and I think it was when we started to get into bed together, we had pillow talk [and] we just got closer and closer as days went by. And it’s probably when he says, basically I like you. And then I was just thinking like, oh, we had our first date and things like that. So yeah, I think every day was so different for us, and we gradually just got better.”

The distance between them eventually led to their separation, but it appears that reconciliation is possible in the future.

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