Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis Release date, Cast, and Plot

Baz Luhrmann’s book is for you. “Elvis”For a very long time, has been stuck in development hell. There are rumblings about such a production Datum back to 2014However, audiences received radio silence for many years after initial reports were made. The trend was broken by 2019 and principal photography began in January 2020. Filming was stopped by the COVID-19 epidemic in March. Production did not resume until September of the same year. Now, 2021 is almost over. “Elvis”Now?

Baz Luhrmann answered the question via this blog. TwitterOn November 15, 2021 “Elvis Monday,”He continued, “Made a little something to let you good people know we are taking care of business.”His final social media post was completed by sharing that the “Elvis” release date is now June 24, 2022 — a bit later than the previously revealed June 3, 2022. He also included a teaser video for the biopic, set to a haunting rendition the Presley classic. “Suspicious Minds.”


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