Bath and Body Works raises eyebrows with shoppers after ‘Toxic Warning’ goes viral

It might be worth reconsidering if you are thinking of doing seasonal shopping at Bath and Body Works in the mall. TikToker Karly AlaneThis week’s virality was due to the sharing of a warning from the manufacturer about the contents in the Refill of the Winter Candy Apple fragrance by Bath and Body Works The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires these warnings, and this particular one Warnings about potential dangersThis product may cause irritation to the skin, infertility, or organ damage.

Alane used the viral “What’s going on?”Sound to share this information. Her video received over 1,000,000 views and 27.1k likes. Alane captioned the video to encourage her viewers to use natural products for their health. “vote with your dollars.”


Vote using your dollars #bathandbodyworks #candles #wallplugins #fragrance #greenscreen

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Comment sectionThe dangers of this popular product line were the subject of much controversy. Many people expressed concern at the widespread use of toxic substances in household products. “This is why I have moved onto all natural products! using essential oils instead or fragrance candles and wall plugs,”One user wrote. “Do some research… this is literally every room spray, candle and body spray in the world,”Another one. “I can’t believe people still buy their products after all these years,”Another viewer also posted. Others noted that this was an industry standard. “This is for employees safety in manufacturing process-pretty typical. Bath & Body Works has these posted. No eureka moment,”One user commented.

Bath and Body Works has released a statement via The Daily DotRefer to the video. “Safety Data Sheets (SDS), like the one you are referencing from TikTok, are a standardized practice across home fragrance,”The spokesperson stated. “The intended audience for these sheets is companies and emergency personnel who need to know how to handle, store or dispose of large quantities of chemicals in industrial settings.”


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