Barry & Kim make their final divorce decision

The Plathville, welcome Season 4’s finale saw Barry and Kim Plath reach a final decision on their marriage. Their marital problems have been openly displayed throughout the season. But now, they’re sharing their future plans with their children and giving everyone an update on their relationship. What has this sneak peek revealed about their relationship?

Fans have seen Kim Plath change over the course of this season. She’s certainly not the same strict mom she was in the series premiere. Now, she’s opened a dance studio, started dressing differently, and much more. Fans have also noticed she has lost weight, which may be due to the stress she’s been under amid her marital issues.


Along the way, Kim Plath has discovered that she doesn’t want to be with Barry anymore.

She spoke of the word “divorce”This was a surprise to fans and Barry a few episodes prior. The final episode of season three sees Barry and Kim Plath revealing the decision they made.

Continue reading to find out what the preview revealed about the final episode.

Barry & Kim Plath Make Final Divorce Decision

TLC announced that it had suspended its operations Monday, August 1st. TrailerThe following are the recommendations: Plathville, welcomeSeason 4’s two-hour finale. In the clip, fans get a look at what’s ahead in this season’s final episode.

The 30-second clip shows Barry and Kim Plath sitting down with their children, who still live at home. This includes Isaac and Mercy, Cassia, Amber, and Cassia. Kim says this as they all sit together on the couches. “We’re moving forward with a divorce.”

TLC Facebook, Barry and Kim Plath

Another scene shows the family members hugging each other.

TLC Facebook, Barry and Kim Plath

Because the trailer is so short and just gives a small peek at what’s ahead, it’s unclear what exactly happens next. The finale may dive into Barry and Kim Plath’s decision and explore what’s next for the whole family.

It’s safe to say that this will be another drama-filled episode and it’s one you won’t want to miss. TLC will broadcast a two hour finale to close out the season.

You can see a sneak peak of the final scene below.

What do you think about this preview of the finale? It’s shocking that Barry Plath is going through divorce proceedings with Kim Plath. Comment below. And don’t miss the Plathville, welcomeSeason 4 finale Tuesday, August 2nd at 9/8c The finale will be streamed live on discovery+ in the morning, just before the TLC premiere.

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