“BA has treated employees appallingly using cover of Covid in order to impose worse wages” – Voice of the Mirror

“Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has not lifted a finger to try and resolve the growing number dispute in the sector that he is supposed to supervise’

Heathrow security earlier this month. Travellers waited in a long line to get through the security screening.

British Airways employees have voted to strike with rail workers this summer.

After the chaos witnessed at airports during the Jubilee weekend, the planned walkout is a challenge for travellers’ patience.

But they should direct their anger at BA’s bosses, not the trade unions. By using Covid as cover, the airline has imposed worse conditions and pay on its employees.

Since flight operations have returned to normal, the company has increased wages for managers but not rank-and file staff.

The unions will always resort to industrial action as the last resort, especially because it costs members money every day they strike.

Because bosses refuse to recognize that low-paid employees are struggling to make ends meets due to the cost of living crisis, they have been driven to this position.

It’s not helpful that Grant Shapps, the Transport Secretary, has failed even to raise a finger to try and resolve the growing number disputes in the sector he was supposed to oversee.

It is evident that the Government refuses action because it would rather fight for unions than address legitimate concerns.

British Airways employees voted to strike this summer with rail workers yesterday (file photo).


Bloomberg via Getty Images

Drug works

After years of lobbying, the NHS finally accepted the benefits of medicinal cannabis.

It was legalized to prescribe the drug under certain conditions four years ago.

But, as the Mirror reveals, NHS England has now halted the funding of ­unlicensed medicines.

Patients suffering from life-threatening diseases are required to travel to the UK to get treatment.

It is important that cannabis-based medicines be legalized and proven to work.


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