Average Southland Gas Prices Drop for 20th Time in 21 Days – Los Angeles

Sunday’s drop in the average cost of a gallon self-serve regular gasoline was the 19th consecutive day. It also fell for the 20th consecutive day.

According to the AAA and Oil Price Information Service figures, the average price of oil has fallen 17.1 cents over 21 days. After an 18-day stretch of increases totaling 36.9cents, the prices have been dropping.

The average price is 6.5% lower than one week ago, 2.3 cents higher than one month ago, and $1.969 more than one year ago.

Orange County’s average cost of living also fell for the 19th consecutive and 20th time in 21 day, dropping 4-10ths of an cent to $6.20. The price has dropped 21 cents in the last 21 days, with a 1.7 cents on Saturday. After a 17-day streak that saw increases of 35.1 cents, the prices have dropped.

Orange County’s average price is 7.4 Cents lower than one week ago, 4.6 cents lower over one month ago, and $1.918 higher than one year ago.

Despite a gas tax hike of 2.8 cents per gal that was implemented Friday, the prices have continued to fall.

Following an 18-day run of increases, the national average prices fell 1 cent to $4.812. Over the last 19 days, it has fallen 2 cents and dropped 2 cents.

During the 18-day period of increases, the average national price rose 41.5cs. It is 8.8cs lower than one week ago, 5.1cs higher than one month ago, and $1.685 more than one year ago.


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