Average Southern California Gas Prices Drop for Third Time in Four Days – Los Angeles

Los Angeles County’s average gallon price for self-serve regular gas declined Thursday. It follows an 18-day run of increases totaling 36.9c. The average price fell two-tenths off a penny to $6.46.

Monday’s decrease was one-tenth of cent. The record price of $6.462 was reached on Tuesday when the average price rose to three-tenths.

According to the AAA and Oil Price Information Service figures, the average price was 4.6 cents higher than a week ago, 44.7 Cents higher over a month ago, and $2.212 less than a year ago.

The average Los Angeles County price has gone up $1.664 since Russia invaded Ukraine in February 24th.

A 18-day run of increases in the national average price per gallon of self-serve regular gasoil ended with a drop of two-tenths to $5.014

The average price rose by 41.5 cents over the streak, with a two-tenths increase on Tuesday. This was a new record for each day.

The national average is 5.9cs higher than one week ago, 54.4cs higher than one monthly ago, and $1.938 more than one year ago.


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