Average LA County Gas Price Drops Again, Now Below $6 – Los Angeles

Los Angeles County’s average cost of a gallon self-serve regular gas dropped below $6 for the first occasion since March 21st.

The average price dropped by 2 cents, to $5.999. This is just below $6. According to AAA figures and Oil Price Information Service, the 2-cent drop came after back-toback decreases of just 1.9c, making it the biggest overnight decrease since April 2020.

The White House stated Thursday that the move was intended to lower gas prices.

The price has dropped by 7.1 cents in seven days after a streak of 32 consecutive increases totalling $1.283. It is 7.1c less than one week before, but $1.071 more than one month ago. And $2.045 higher than one-year ago.

According to AAA, California’s average price for a gallon regular unleaded gasoline is now $5.864.

Orange County’s average cost of living fell 2.9 percent to $5.947. This is its biggest drop since September 2019. After a 35-day streak that saw increases totaling $1.277, it has fallen 8 cents in the last seven days.

Despite recent declines, Orange County’s average price is $1.043 more than one month ago, and $2.013 less than one year ago.

Here’s a list of gas prices in Southern California, as of Saturday morning

  • Los Angeles County: $5.999
  • Ventura County $5.999
  • San Bernardino County: $5.937
  • Orange County: $5.947
  • Riverside: $5.909

“With the (Strategic Petroleum Reserve) release keeping oil (prices) down, we’ll see most/all areas decline over the weekend and into next week,”Patrick De Haan is the head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy. He provides real-time information about gas prices from over 150,000 stations.


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