Atletico Madrid vs Man City – Jack Grealish’s hair is pulled by Savic

Atletico Madrid defender Stefan Savic was captured yanking the hair of Manchester City ace Jack Grealish – again!

Atletico Madrid’s ugly display against the Premier League champions saw Pep Guardiola once more front and center. Pep Guardiola’s side ensured progress into the Champions League semi-final with a vital stale mate in front of a reduced Wanda Metropolitano.

But as it was when the Citizens won the first leg at the Etihad Stadium 1-0, the image of Savic’s playground like hair pulling on the £100million man will be emblazoned on our memories. Except that this time Savic had a very firm grip on the former Aston Villa captain.

Having been named as a substitute for the clash against Diego Simeone’s volatile side, Grealish must have felt his hair was safe for the evening. But the armour of the substitutes’ bib was not enough to protect his luscious locks from Savic’s sweaty grasp, as the Atletico veteran ensured he got a falcon like grip on Grealish’s curtains.

Grealish attempted to help John Stones, an international compatriot, as John Stones entered Grealish’s personal area. However, Grealish’s entrance into Savic’s line of sight, appeared to awaken something inside the Montenegro captain.

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Savic was constantly at odds with Manchester City players.

Despite the fact Stones was still speaking to him, Savic switched his attention to Grealish before, leaning in and grabbing the City ace’s hair. Grealish looked like he was in pain, as the BT Sports cameras quickly panned away.

The England midfielder’s hair was the only thing an Atletico player could get a grip on, as the Citizens once again dominated the possession against the reigning La Liga champions. While Guardiola’s sides are known for their grace, elegant passing style, and individual genius, every City player had to show great tenacity, fight, and maturity to avoid succumbing to Atletico’s dark arts.

Although Grealish wouldn’t be happy that Grealish grabbed his hair for Atletico’s second week in a row, he can rest assured that the central defender won’t be getting his hands on Champions League this season.


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