Atlanta’s ‘Little Women’ Ms. Juicy Baby News: Hospital Release

Ms. Juicy Baby Atlanta: Little WomenShe is now home and ready for the healing process following a stroke. Since April, she has been in hospital. Continue reading to learn more about her latest health update.

‘Little Women: Atlanta’ Star Is Back At Home

Shirlene Pearson is better known as “Ms. Juicy Baby”From Atlanta: Little Women He is now back at home and ready for healing. The reality TV star was admitted to the hospital on April 28 following a stroke that caused a brain hemorhage.

Credit: YouTube/Lifetime

Friday’s update was posted by the 50-year-old to Instagram. “I just wanted to let you guys know that I am back,” Pearson. “I’m not at 100 percent but I am still healing. This is a video to let all my fans, all my supporters, to let you guys know that I have been released from the hospital. I am at home.”

Fans joined the fray to send her best wishes. One comment read, “Thank god you’re okay baby!! ♥️♥️ love you.”

The video then went on to describe some of the events that have taken place over the past month. Pearson said that extensive memory loss was caused by brain bleeds. “The way it affected me, I couldn’t remember anything,”She explained. Then she went on to say that she couldn’t remember anything and she is still not permitted to drive for some time. Pearson explained that she must learn to do many of the things she used to take for granted.

Long road to recovery for Ms. Juicy Baby

Ms. Juicy Baby was a victim of a stroke and subsequent brain bleeding. In her videos, she shared about her time in ICU. She was fed through tubes until she learned to swallow again. Due to the loss of many of her motor skills, she has also been in speech therapy. Pearson is now challenged in walking, talking, eating, and other areas.

“I have to learn how to do a lot of things all over again, even brushing my teeth, things that we take for granted, that we think just come natural,”She said it in an Instagram video. “I was about to have a fit when I was in the hospital because I couldn’t even drink my water.”

Little Women: Atlanta - Instagram/Ms. Juicy Baby

Credit: Instagram/Ms. Juicy Baby

Pearson thanked all those who supported her during this time of crisis. To help pay for her medical bills, some people have contributed to her GoFundMe campaign. She explained that she hasn’t been able to work or do anything for over a month. Pearson said, “I can’t even really say ‘Ms. Juicy Baby’ the way I usually say.”

However, she hasn’t lost any of her passion or drive. Pearson stated that it may have slowed her down, but she’ll be back at 100% when the time is right. The road to recovery is long for Pearson. Atlanta: Little Women star and now that she’s been released from the hospital, she’s ready to get started.

Atlanta's 'Little Women' Ms. Juicy Baby News: Hospital Release
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