As a flight attendant, there’s an easy way to get a better spot.

A FLIGHT attendant reveals how to get better seats when traveling – and it doesn’t cost anything.

She said that upgrades are not likely but there are ways to get more legroom and even free snacks.


One flight attendant said that you can get additional legroom seats for free.Credit to Alamy

The flight attendant explained on the forum: “Flight attendant here: my company doesn’t have upgrades really.

“But, trust me when i say this… kindness goes far.”

Although it may seem cliché, being polite and kind to the flight attendants will make your experience a lot more enjoyable.

“It’s just like any job that has a service element, if you’re polite to us and have manners we are more likely to give you an extra drink/snack if possible, even move you to a seat with more legroom if we can.”

She ended her remarks by saying: “We deal with so many entitled a******* that simple kindness really does go a long way.”

They’re not the only ones to tell you how kindness can bring you more.

Helena Afroughi from Cabin Crew agreed to this, saying that you’ll likely get some perks even if you don’t pay.

She said, “What always works? When people bring some sweets to crew, chocolates or anything else.” They also make themselves visible. Do not just give it away and then run.

“When people do such things, the cabin chief would like to say that he will ask them if they want coffee or tea and we’d be happy to give it to them for free. Obviously not everything from the snack bar though.”

Flight attendant Kat Kamali said that it only needs to be as much as a £5 gift card to make a difference.

She also added: “Your flight will change DRAMATICALLY.”

“We will know what you look like and we will know where you are sitting and the whole crew will be taken care of.”

Here are some other ways to get free drinks during a flight.

And pilot Vicky McCarthy told Sun Online Travel that you can often have a nosey round the cockpit if you ask nicely.

Being nice can get you free snacks too


You can also get free snacks by being niceCredit: Credit: credit: caiaimage / Alamy Stock Photo


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